Privacy Policy Privacy is a VPN review site/tech review site aimed to help you make unbiased purchasing decisions. This policy will inform you about our website.

When you access

No information is collected from the user unless a user decides to comment or send an email to the owner. In order to prevent spam and other forms of attack, email addresses and IP addresses are assigned but this information is never sent to or used by anyone else besides the owner. 

When you Contact Us

When you contact us via email, we will store your message in order to respond to any further inquiries.

Links and Affiliate sites contains hyperlinks to other websites and third parties. By clicking these links, you will leave We have no control over these websites and how they manage your information. We assume no liability and we are not responsible for these third-party websites or their privacy policies and content.

Protecting your Information

We use a secure data center to protect all of the information that you provide us with. Our highly qualified staff ensures that all of your information is protected from third parties. In order to ensure site-wide security, we regularly perform security audits.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us.

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