I do objective non-sponsored VPN reviews. 

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VPN Tier List

Created in April 2019, this is the true heart and soul of this website. I’ve worked SUPER hard on this one, and it’s the result of thousands of hours of work reviewing VPNs for 5 years! This is THE most comprehensive VPN tier list anywhere in the world. 

This tier list helps you find the right VPN. I’ve rated over 50+ VPN providers within the last year by rating their pricing, applications, speed, reputation, customer support, and streaming compatibility. 

Most other VPN reviewers on Youtube or the internet are paid shills bought off by VPN companies and high commission rates. You won’t find that here. 

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Web host Tier List

Did you know the biggest VPN review website is owned by a marketing company that does web host reviews? I couldn’t stand to have these companies recommending the wrong products! So it’s time to do the first HONEST web host reviews!

I’ve rated and organized several web host providers so you can find the most affordable and feature-rich web host provider. 

Find the perfect web host provider that you can afford but also still has what you want!

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Email Tier List

Encrypted email is a popular privacy-conscious alternative to regular services like Yahoo and Gmail. People like to use encrypted email to send encrypted emails via PGP encryption, and these services don’t collect massive amounts of data. 

All encrypted email services aren’t equal–and you’ll find some of the most popular ones like Protonmail are missing features and are too expensive. Instead, I’ve rated the best-encrypted email services to help you find which ones are the best. I don’t work on this list as much, but it has some good reviews! 

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