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Ultimate Best VPN 2022 Video:

VPN Tier List 2022 🛡️:

Objectively pointed and scored, then ranked by tier. Click VPN affiliate link to visit VPN, or number to visit video review.

The very best VPNs, perfect in almost every category.

TorGuard (58), WeVPN (55.35), Hide.me (54.02)

VPNs that can work well, but miss true excellence by a good margin.

Surfshark (44.41), Private Internet Access (43.54), NordVPN (42.58), ProtonVPN (40.52)

Average VPNs that do the bare minimum.

PrivateVPN (38.11), ExpressVPN (34.89), AtlasVPN (30.72)

VPNs that fail in most respects but still can “work”.

VPNs that fail in every respect and barely work.

Why isn’t “X” VPN on the VPN Tier List 2022?

  • Windscribe will no longer be reviewed due to privacy violations, server seizures, and harassment as seen here in this video.
  • Mozilla VPN didn’t work last time I tried to review it, and it’s just a white label of Mullvad so not much point.

VPN Tier List 2021🛡️Edition:

Tier list primarily made throughout 2021, made with the new updated point-based system.

These VPNs are almost perfect in almost every category.

TorGuard (58.0), WeVPN (55.35), Hide.me (51.8)

These VPNs do very well but miss the mark in a few areas.

AirVPN (45.08), Private Internet Access (44.65), Mullvad VPN (44.04), PrivateVPN (43.72)

These VPNs are perfectly useable but need more improvements in most areas.

VyprVPN (38.12), Surfshark (37.52), HideIPVPN (36.59), CactusVPN (36.2),  Cyberghost (35.76), NordVPN (35.69), AtlasVPN (33.94)

These VPNs need a ton of improvements to become viable recommendations.

ExpressVPN (29.65), iVPN (27.41), Zenmate VPN (26.88), oVPN(25.04), IPVanish (23.76), HolaVPN (22.23)

These VPNs are a long way off from being a fully complete VPN package.

Why isn’t “X” VPN on the VPN tier list 2021?

  • Windscribe removed from the tier list due to privacy violations and harassment, as seen here in this video.
  • Mozilla VPN, removed from the tier list because it doesn’t install and support is non existent, as seen here.

VPN Tier List 2019-2020🛡️Edition:

This is the first incarnation of the tier list. It is no longer updated, and uses an older less-accurate rating system. That said, it’s still one of the best review systems around I believe (compared to competitors).

TIER 1 (God Tier):

TorGuard (4.90), WeVPN (4.83), CactusVPN (4.75), PrivateVPN (4.50), VyprVPN (4.3), ExpressVPN (4.0)

TIER 2 (Average Tier):

Surfshark (3.79), oVPN(3.70), PureVPN (3.58), StrongVPN (3.54), VPN.AC (3.54), VPNArea (3.54), VPN Unlimited (3.50), Private Internet Access ( 3.50 ), AirVPN (3.45), HideIPVPN (3.41), FrootVPN (3.33), VPNCity (3.29), Cyberghost (3.29),  ZoogVPN (3.20), Trust.Zone (3.20), Mullvad VPN (3.16), NordVPN (3.16), Hotspot Shield (3.16), UltraVPN (3.12), IPVanish (3.12), iVPN (3.08), BlackVPN (3.04), Ivacy VPN (3.00), Windscribe (3.0).

TIER 3 (Below Average Tier):

Privado VPN (2.95), Perfect Privacy(2.95), Safer VPN (2.91), QuadVPN (2.91), Cryptostorm (2.87), Hide.Me (2.83), F-Secure Freedom VPN (2.83), Astrill VPN (2.79), ProtonVPN (2.79), VeePN (2.75), FastestVPN (2.75), Norton VPN (2.58), BulletVPN (2.58),AzireVPN (2.41), Easy-Hide-IP (2.33), Avast SecureLine VPN (2.33), Unlocator (2.33), Tunnelbear VPN (2.33),VPNGate (2.29), Zenmate (2.29), HideMyAss VPN (2.25), Lightyear (2.25), SlickVPN (2.00).

TIER 4 (Weak Tier):

Guardian Firewall VPN (1.91), Freedom IP VPN (1.87), Ghostery VPN (1.83), AVG VPN (1.62), BytzVPN (1.5). McAfee(1.16), TurboVPN (1.08), Thunder VPN (.91), X-VPN (.83).

White label Tier: BitDefender VPN (3.33), Namecheap (3.29), Mozilla VPN (2.66), Malwarebytes VPN (2.41), AtlasVPN (.83)

What Happened during 2016-2019?

Before 2019, we didn’t have a centralized website here to show you the current rankings. Rankings were just done on Youtube and rated individually.

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