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WeVPN is only a year old, but it’s made a huge impact on the tier list. It’s the perfect example of “how to score high” by making a good product that people want. You would think it would also be topping every other review site out there as well–but it’s virtually unreviewed because it offers lower than average commissions and it doesn’t pay for reviews by offering judicious amounts of money.

I credit the success of WeVPN on the tier list to the management of WeVPN–who use to work on other major VPNs like Private Internet Access (which was always a good product hampered by bad management).

It’s the story of people who wanted to make a good product but were hindered by bad management, so they left to make it their own. And so far, it’s succeeding. Here’s how, in this WeVPN Review.

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Pricing 5/5

WeVPN is very very affordable, and it’s taken good feedback from me to make the pricing transparent and honest. In the beginning, WeVPN had a countdown timer sort of sale, and I told them to remove it because it was poor-taste since fake countdown clock timers have plagued the pricing of most big VPNs. What did they do? They listened and took it down, and it never came back.

WeVPN has had holiday sales and after feedback from me, they’ve adjusted the wording so it’s more clear to the price you’re actually going to pay and what you would pay before the sale.

These minor issues are a good sign to me, because it shows the team is open to feedback and their ultimate goal is to make pricing transparent and understandable for customers–while still being able to generate sales and run their business.

And at the end of the day, their pricing is VERY good. Instead of offering long term deals that double the price after the first term (the current trend is for VPNs to double the price after the first 2 years or tack on annual charges–so you will pay say $89 for 2 years then $120 year by year after that), WeVPN simply offers three plans.

One month is $8, 1 year is $40, and 6 months is $30. If you use code “tomspark” you get 10% off those prices. Not only that, but this includes full streaming compatibility as well as 10 simultaneous devices which is VERY generous.

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Application 4/5

WeVPN’s made a lot of progress on their app. When the VPN first came out, I was immediately impressed by the great design of the application as well as key features already supported on release (split tunneling + wireguard).

Most brand new VPNs, even when they are just whitelisted clones (rebranded versions of VPNs like Malwarebytes or Bitdefender–which are respectively rebranded versions of Mullvad and Hotspot Shield) are not very good and extremely simple.

But after a few months, the bugs and development process seemed to be affected by the pandemic, or perhaps the fast growth of the community. There was a ton of bugs, some that crashed my computer. I resigned to lower the score and for a long time, WeVPN only sat in the middle of tier 2 since the application was so unreliable. It had so much potential, but was too buggy.

But towards the end of 2020, the management really started pumping out some good consistent updates to the application that made it MUCH more stable. I can use the app and have zero problems most of time now in 2021, and the good parts of the app (the UI, key features, etc) still impress me for how young this VPN is.

Other updates that have come out recently have also really impressed me. WeVPN has implemented OpenVPN 2.5 across their entire network (as far as I know they are one of the first). Right now only iOS is implemented though. They’ve also worked a lot on WeBlock which is the component of their application that blocks ads. It now blocks crypto-miners, trackers, and malware. 

They also have great ideas for the future that are still being implemented like WeDNS–which is a free private and secure DNS solution. 

One thing I am looking forward to is a custom neon theme designed by the team called “Spark mode” due sometime in 2021. This is the first time a VPN has decided to give a “throwback” to my community, and it means a lot for a VPN to support honest and transparent VPN reviews.

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Speeds 5/5

WeVPN is an incredibly fast VPN. They have been adding more and more servers, and have promised never to overload the servers. The team seems to know what they are doing because they placed #2 in my global speed test (as seen above) of 2020–which is very impressive for a brand new VPN provider.

They also have WireGuard which gives great speeds, and are adding more and more servers all the time. On a 1 gbps connection, I can usually get around 50-70 mbs downloads. 

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Customer Support 5/5

WeVPN’s average response times in their support tickets

WeVPN has always had a great community with an active discord and good support tickets (partly because I’ve been sending them customers almost since the beginning, and my community is very active).

In terms of response times, WeVPN is pretty good as well with around an average of 68 minutes response. There is still room for improvement here I think, but it is still faster than most VPNs on the market in terms of tickets. The team even sent me screenshots of their support data which is really cool and transparent.

In 2021, they added on live chat which is guaranteed to be faster and it seems pretty good from my last tests a few days ago.

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Reputation 5/5

WeVPN has a great team of ex-VPN employees. They are very transparent and open about the product and have used several community members to test the application and root out bugs. Core members of the management team still seem to carry the same passion and drive to make WeVPN an excellent privacy product.

They collect no logs, and are also a member of the RVP. I’ve talked to several of the team members personally, and I actually consider many of them my friends since they are so knowledgeable about VPN and freely give expert advice on VPN technology that I use in my videos.

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Streaming 5/5

WeVPN is perhaps one of the best streaming supported VPNs around. They support a TON of Netflix libraries which means its super flexible to give anyone the ability to swap regions on the fly. It’s also fully compatible with other options like Hulu, Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer. According to one of the founders, they now support 36 Netflix libraries, which is insane, and perhaps the most of any VPN. 



WeVPN is one of the most impressive projects I’ve seen to date in the VPN space. They’ve learned lessons from almost every VPN company and not made the same mistakes.

In only a year, they’ve catapulted themselves to nearly being the #1 rated VPN on the channel ( it could be possible by the end of the year).

The team is responsive to my feedback and others and it’s easy to see that they have the ambition and means to become quite possible one of the best VPNs on the market for the foreseeable future.

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  1. WeVPN is amazing!

    I am so proud of them and I’m sure that they will do amazing!
    Also why don’t they add a Brien neon mode instead of Tom Spark Neon Mode( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Can’t wait for the future of WeVPN!

  2. Interesting and surpricingly positivr. Trying wevpn out right now.

    On a note: when wevpn is active I cannot view the deleteme link below. Reason being: “www.kqzyfj.com refused to connect”.

    1. Probably are using wevpn’s ad blocker. delete me uses commission junction which causes links to make false positives as ads. gonna try to fix that if possible.

  3. Hey Tom. Enjoying your honest VPN reviews.
    My PIA subs are due to expire.
    I’m ready to move vpn provider as the experience that I have had with PIA over the last several has been poor.
    I’ve always paid yearly, but I’m wondering, what would you recommend, monthly, yearly 6 monthly?
    It’s either WeVPN or TorGuard for me.


  4. I read and saw this review and decided to buy wevpn and I’m really not happy with it. The speeds are under 100 Mbit in all places around me on WireGuard. Express, Nord and Surfshark have all consistently atleast reached half my internet speed (400 to 900 Mbit). I’ve been trying so hard to get something good out of this service and I just cannot recommend it. Even worse, they’re not giving me a refund because I paid with crypto. Every other service has let me get a refund with crypto just fine. I don’t know what to do.

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