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note: click VPN to visit the site, or number to visit YouTube review/written reviews. If a score does not match the score in a video review, check the transparency report or the table for updates to scores.

TIER 1 (God Tier): TorGuard (4.90), WeVPN (4.83), CactusVPN (4.75), PrivateVPN (4.50), VyprVPN (4.3), ExpressVPN (4.0)

TIER 2 (Average Tier): Surfshark (3.79), oVPN(3.70), PureVPN (3.58), StrongVPN (3.54), VPN.AC (3.54), VPNArea (3.54), VPN Unlimited (3.50), Private Internet Access ( 3.50 ), AirVPN (3.45), HideIPVPN (3.41)FrootVPN (3.33), VPNCity (3.29), Cyberghost (3.29),  ZoogVPN (3.20), Trust.Zone (3.20), Mullvad VPN (3.16), NordVPN (3.16), Hotspot Shield (3.16), UltraVPN (3.12), IPVanish (3.12), iVPN (3.08), BlackVPN (3.04), Ivacy VPN (3.00).

TIER 3 (Below Average Tier): Privado VPN (2.95), Perfect Privacy(2.95), Safer VPN (2.91), QuadVPN (2.91), Cryptostorm (2.87), Hide.Me (2.83), F-Secure Freedom VPN (2.83), Astrill VPN (2.79), ProtonVPN (2.79), VeePN (2.75), FastestVPN (2.75),  Norton VPN (2.58), BulletVPN (2.58), AzireVPN (2.41), Easy-Hide-IP (2.33), Avast SecureLine VPN (2.33), Unlocator (2.33), Tunnelbear VPN (2.33),VPNGate (2.29), Zenmate (2.29), HideMyAss VPN (2.25), Lightyear (2.25), SlickVPN (2.00).

TIER 4 (Weak Tier): Guardian Firewall VPN (1.91), Freedom IP VPN (1.87), Ghostery VPN (1.83), AVG VPN (1.62), BytzVPN (1.5). McAfee(1.16), TurboVPN (1.08), Thunder VPN (.91), X-VPN (.83).

White label Tier: BitDefender VPN (3.33), Namecheap (3.29), Mozilla VPN (2.66), Malwarebytes VPN (2.41), AtlasVPN (.83)

^^ These are white label VPNs that are pretty much re-skinned versions of other services. Basically a VPN licenses out their servers and infrastructure to another company to re-sell it. These reskinned versions are usually not worth using.

*Disclaimer: This website VPNTierList.com and my YouTube channel –or any other platform I use to give my thoughts on VPNs, are monetized through affiliations with VPN companies. Read more here

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  1. hi tom
    on your advice i bought torguard a few months ago and had no problems using it on my firestick 4k; i was quite pleased with it in fact. however i only recently bought an x96 max + s905x3 android box based on decent reviews on youtube and elsewhere and also because it has a gigabit ethernet port. sadly torguard just does not work on this box. i contacted torguard support who have been very helpful and they told me that they were aware of the problem and would release a fix soon. this they did; on feb 19th they released torguard apk v. 1.56.2 so naturally i installed it but with the same results; namely you can only connect to one country (in my case the uk) and it knocks off ethernet so you can only use wifi…thinking the box itself might be at fault i managed to blag a free trial of express vpn on the box and it worked no probs..as i’ve already paid for torguard looks like i’m going to have to return the box. i’m now worried that if i buy a different model of android box the same thing may happen again…what box(es) did you test torguard on and what were your results? cheers colin

    1. Hi Colin, thanks for the comment.

      I’m not too sure about TG on Android boxes. I think TorGuard does have great support on most Android boxes. I tested it on the Nvidia Shield and it worked.

      I usually tend to recommend TG with us for Fire sticks and fire TV devices and it works well there ( and I have done videos on it).

      However if another VPN like ExpressVPN works, then perhaps consider using that as ur main VPN (even if its more expensive, not as fast etc)…

      1. Tom, I just purchased We VPN today after seeing your reviews and speaking with one of their discord mods who was very helpful, but for some reason, the connection keeps cutting out on both Brave and Chrome, and the connection is pretty slow at times. I’m using this to trade crypto and my charting software is SO slow on it. It’s only been one day but I don’t really have time to experiment, I really just need something to work. Have you heard of these issues with Tor Guard? I’m still willing to give We VPN a shot w/ 30 day guarantee, but it’s not looking great atm. Any recommendations/thoughts?

        1. Also, if I’m solely looking to use VPN for trading on geo-restricted crypto exchanges, what are any important VPN setting adjustments that you recommend? All I know is to have killswitch always on , thanks!

    2. After some tests. I can say that the best services for Brazil are: TorGuard price and quality (now they inform virtual servers) I received an email that they are configuring i WG in the application, soon it will have). ExpressVPN speed, quality and simplicity. NordVPN: speed, not recommended for games (ping). Others do not recommend. Many virtual servers.

        1. The best of all is ExpressVpn. Expensive compared to others. But incredibly everything works. Use and recommend. I was using TorGuard, but incredibly disappointing in speeds. Now I only use Express better for Brazil

          1. I am using ExpressVPN as well and it just works. It might be slightly expensive but the speeds are good. If you don’t live in North America or Europe (which i don’t), I highly recommend ExpressVPN.

  2. Hi Tom,
    I took your recommendation and purchased 2 years from TorGuard, I only used it for you tube tv steaming service and it worked fine for 4 months until yesterday , both my fixed streaming ip bundle I was provided was not connecting . I informed TorGuard support who informed me that the data enter crashed and they assigned me 2 new fixed ips . One of the fixed ip provided did not allow me access to you tube tv ( lucky one still did , if not I wasted 2 years of subscription cost ) I informed TorGuard support of that non working you tube tv ip address. and support told me that they do not support you tube tv!

    In the future, ( note to myself , I must check what streaming service does that vpn service support ); cause support said they cannot guarantee the ip fixed will work with you tube tv. They won’t even want to replace that ip to a different ip address without a $4 cost which they cannot guarantee will work with you tube tv.

    Can you advise or provide any tips with you tube tv and TorGuard or any in sights what is happening ? Thanks

    1. Hi this is an unfortunate reality that some services will block every single IP out there–or block VPNs from a fundamental level. IF a service won’t work with a unique streaming IP, then no VPN will really work. If you want you can try other VPNs, but I won’t expect that much success with a VPN if EVEN a streaming IP can’t unblock it.

    2. Dear Tom, Apart from price, speed, versatility, It maybe worthwhile to add who actually own the VPN service providers. Surely one would very concerned if China, Russia, North Korea are the ultimate owners of the VPN service providers. Any insight? T

    3. torguard to my knowledge i have used it for over 2 years but you have to make sure you have updated your C++ and always have the latest version. if something doesnt work file a ticket theil be up to fix your issue asap. i have looked long and wide untill i found a good vpn that i can use on multiple devices i have linux in the kitchen windows and my android tabled and i have a dedicated ip that i can use anywhere in the word only mine. 🙂 its awesome its 17 bucksevery 3 months and i had it for 2 years i pay every 3 months , the speed on my vpn is faster than my actuall normal internet. its frekin amazing

  3. Hi Tom,
    Could you please explain why 1 of the streaming IP address will work while the other Did not even though IP address show location shows USA region . I am fortunate that one up works but was curious why the other did not.

    Also can you shed some thoughts whether I should pay $4 to replace the ip address given that torguard cannot guarantee ; TorGuard cannot guarantee support of you tube tv per technician /sales .

    Lastly, technically why does some vpn provider support ( example express vpn ) you tube tv and some don’t (TorGuard )? Thanks for your advise ?

    1. Already answered that in the FAQ page.

      Q: I’ve seen some people say you work for VPN companies like TorGuard. Is that true?


      Some of my competitors or VPNs who don’t like my reviews, like to slander me claiming that I work for VPN companies, but that is not true. In fact, some of the VPNs trying to smear me are currently in legal battles with other VPNs in an effort to remove honest reviews.

      After writing articles for several tech companies (gaming, VPN, PC security, gadget reviews, food reviews, etc) for nearly a year from 2014-2015, I found my love writing about VPNs, and started my own company. In the winter of 2015 when I started Best10VPN.com (my old review site), I cut ties to any former gaming, tech or VPN companies I had submitted guest posts to, and began work full time on creating my VPN review empire.

      For the nearly 5 years I’ve been reviewing VPNs, I’ve never taken one sponsored blog post or worked for any VPN company.

    2. Sono valutazioni basate su sponsor commerciali?
      Non sei un attivista altrimenti diresti a priori che il tunnel serve solo esclusivamente ad altri scopi,e non per essere anonimi.
      Basta tor

      1. No, non sono basati su pubblicità. TOR è un ottimo strumento, ma anche le VPN hanno i loro casi d’uso.

    1. Torguard’s streaming bundle is my most recommended option with code “netflix”. Gets you two IPs and its unblockable.

      1. Hello,
        I too am looking for a VPN especially for Netflix.
        I’m puzzled when you say: use code “netflix”.
        Is this the discount code?
        I ask because I was going to use: SparkStreaming
        Any insight would be great!
        Thank you

    1. you’re welcome to have your own opinion, but there are so many vpns out there I have to be as harsh as possible!

  4. hello I wanted to ask about Express Vpn and Bitdefender vpn ,I tried to find it on your ratings couldn’t see it thank you.

    1. ExpressVPN is decent tier 2. I haven’t reviewed Bitdefender since Malwarebytes is cheaper and easier to use

      1. not when you need more than one device protected though. I totally love malwarebytes; used free edition for years.

    2. What is the second best option after “TorGuard”, if your main focus is streaming(Windows and Android)? I sadly can’t get TorGuard because they…
      …don’t accept PayPal
      …don’t accept German debit cards(I don’t have a credit card)
      …don’t support the German version of Amazon Payments
      …only accept US gift cards(couldn’t buy them with PayPal) I also didn’t want to try key reseller sites.

      Best Regards

      1. Have you looked at the tier list? Not sure why you are asking what is the “second” best when the entire point of the tier list is to make that very clear. Follow the system / numbers. AirVPN is #2 on the list, would that work for you?

        1. I bought the two days trial plan and sadly, it doesn’t work for me for streaming. I already tried multiple servers both on my Android phone and my PC.

          1. You might want to try WeVPN and see if that works for you. It seems to work on the devices you mention plus others. I have not tried it yet myself but it is now number 2 on his list.

  5. Hello Tom
    i wanted to ask based on your recommendation i am using torguard vpn
    every time i open the application it and connects to torguard it send requests to cryptocompare.com?
    why is that? is it any concern ?

    Thank you

    1. Never heard of this happening. Make sure you are using clients dl’ed from TorGuard.net, and ask support if you have more questions…

  6. Hi Tom,
    I am an online gamer, I do play a lot of games online I don’t stream! I record and edit my gameplay and upload it on YouTube occasionally so I need to know the best vpn for online gaming to avoid high ping and packet loss, can you please help me narrow down my options here, thank you.

    1. You can also look into WeVPN as they mentioning gaming consoles on there site and also mention youtube as well so this might work for both of your needs.

  7. Hello,
    I was wondering if you could add KeepSolid VPN to the tier list and see how it stacks up to the others!


  8. Minus price, which is the best VPN? Why is Torguard better than ExpressVPN? Please can you explain without mentioning prices and codes. Thanks

    1. Price is one of the most important parts of picking a VPN, but if price is not an option for you, then I would say speeds are the next big thing. Try both ExpressVPN and TorGuard with default settings and see which gives you better speed test and torrent download speeds, then pick that one.

  9. I have a request for the Tier List. Could you separate different plans?
    By that I mean, if a VPN has separate plans (e.g. ProtonVPN’s Free Plan and TorGuard’s Streaming Plan), it’d have different scores for the different plans. That way people would be able to more easily see the plan that they want.

    Examples of how it could change things:
    ProtonVPN’s free plan has a lot of disadvantages (e.g. server selection), but some advantages (e.g. cost) compared to the paid plans.
    TorGuard’s streaming bundle costs more than the regular bundle. The streaming bundle also gives you IPs to stream from, but we as viewers do not know what the regular plan has in terms of streaming. This could result in a lowering of the streaming score.

    This is just a request that I would love for you to consider.

    1. Interesting idea. But one part of the tier list is that I try to make it pretty simple and easy to follow the process. This would complicate things I think for not that much return. In terms of being free, I don’t think anyone should ever use a free VPN. If a company has a free option, they are collecting logs, making money from ads, or severely limiting the product so much it doesn’t have much use cases.

      1. I know I would like to see that as well. It would be nice and maybe you already have to make a TorGuard video and discuss in detail the streaming service as opposed to just the main VPN. So many other services just sell the one VPN to be used for every thing. I realize that TorGuard streaming provides two IP addresses but some of us that are not going to try and make one of these streaming services believe we are in the UK or Japan. It would be nice to have a TorGuard vs TorGuard to let people know when to use one over the other.

  10. Hi Tom, You don’t feel that TorGuard being a US based company and falling within the 5 eyes jurisdiction is an issue? This is currently my only hang up with it right now.

  11. Hi Tom, thanks for all the work you put into this stuff! I have a question: if I’m not mistaken, until very recently ExpressVPN was Tier 3 or at least Tier 2. It was definitely not Tier 1. What caused it to move up? Not sure if you’ve made any videos on this, I checked your channel but didn’t find any, sorry if I missed it

  12. Just to say thank you. I decided on torguard and I’ve been quite satisfied so far (only a week or so)
    Your videos were among the few ones to suggest alternatives to Nord and Express and insist that these were quite expensive, weird pricing scheme and so far I’m glad I tried your recommendation of Torguard

  13. Hey Tom
    I am trying to ACCESS South Korean content on VIKI.COM, blocked in USA but unrestricted in South Korea itself.
    It seems like TorGuard doesn’t offer streaming IP address in S.Korea.
    What do u suggest i use in this case.

    p.s haven’t bought or tried any vpn for now..

    1. I would try ExpressVPN second behind TorGuard. Let me know if that works. Click on the link in the tier list if you want to help support the channel :).

  14. Hi Tom,
    I have a somewhat crass question.

    “If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true.” is something I always keep in mind. TorGuard is seemingly both the best and the cheapest VPN available. But that sentence is contradictory. If it’s the best, why would it be the cheapest? It just seems fishy.

    I realize one might refute this by saying “it’s only cheap if you use the discount code, otherwise it’s pretty expensive”, but I’d refute that by saying that the discount codes are so easy to generate and obvious that this is not a meaningful point (I highly doubt more than 10% of purchases are made without a code. TorGuard is relatively unknown, so anybody buying it is probably someone who has done research and thus knows about the codes.)

    I don’t mean to be cynical, TorGuard has been awesome so far so I have no complaints, but I’m just wondering how something could be both the best and the cheapest

    1. Great questions.

      It’s a complicated answer. But what it comes down to is that TorGuard isn’t “too cheap” per se. It’s just that other VPNs are overpiced for what they are.

      And a lot of it has to come down to how other VPNs spend their money. For example, a VPN like NordVPN pays 100% of comissions to people who advertise it (i.e, a youtuber who advertisers NordVPN makes 100% of the profits for the first month, so even though NordVPN is $12 a month, they make $0.) TorGuard is only $5 a month with a code, but their comission to people who affiliate with them is only 30%. So if you bought one month of TG, I would make $1.50 and TorGuard would make $3.50. So you can see, even though it’s cheaper, they are making more money / margins than other companies due to the way their marketing / affiliate department works.

      Almost every big VPN provider (Ipvanish, surfshark, Hidemyass, the list goes on) pays 100% comissions like NordVPN. So you can see why they are more expensive, because they want people to buy longer time plans where their margins are better (NordVPN and other VPNs only pay around 40% comissions for 3 year plans or 1 year plans).

      Basic TL;DR

      TorGuard is cheaper since it spends less money on advertising and they can afford to have a lower price point.

  15. Hi Tom,

    I watched your review on PrivateVPN in which you gave it a score of 4.33, placing it on tier 1. I was considering this VPN for streaming on my firestick but I now see it has dropped to 3.16 on the tier list. I saw your comparison chart (very nice and informative, thank you) where the support rating had been updated to 0 with the comment “after conversing with these guys through email, they are complete ass hats and extremely rude.” From your experience with VPNs, is this something I’ll have to deal with constantly and will therefore affect my ability to use the VPN or can it be overlooked? Thanks.

  16. Hey tom big fan of your work, but i want to give some constructive criticism about your torguard reviews. While i do agree that torguard is awesome and they do have a good track record, they are not perfect. Not sure if you know this or not but there was an incident where torguard copied another vpn’s extentions design but also use there api and they did not implemented in securely. They also had pre shared keys online and made man in the middel attacks way easier to accomplish. Let’s not also forget that they do not offer first party DNS servers and they use google, cloudfire and open dns as there dns servers.

    1. Thanks for your comment. However, I already addressed all of those points in my latest TorGuard VPN Review for 2020. TorGuard has excellent DNS controls and options, so it’ really up to you to pick the one you want, and they even include an ad-blocking DNS. In terms of the other points, check out the review to see my thoughts (spoilers: none of that stuff is a big deal, and just talking points for other competitors / fake youtube reviewers to trash talk TG).

  17. Tom, thanks for your reviews! On your spreadsheet, you say that Proton doxxed you and give a link to a YouTube video. However, that video comes up as private and unavailable.

    If you happen to know, I’m also curious if I simply try TorGuard for a month, will your discount code carry forward if I change later to 2-year billing? It’s too bad they don’t give a free trial for people that don’t already have another VPN service.

    Finally, will putting in your discount code be enough to get you the commission? Or do I need to specifically click from this page before I buy?


    1. I had to de-list the video because people started doxxing me even more with the info I showed in the video. Unfortunate…

      The best way to make sure you keep the pricing is to buy a longer term commitment. I think in theory, the code should keep up month by month, but could expire after the first month. Not 100% sure. Most people who want longer time just buy that, or upgrade after a month with the code again.

      And yes, using the code will give me a cutback.

      1. Thanks for the advice, and sorry to hear about the videos. I guess calling out trolls just attracts more trolls, sadly.

        Another question, if you don’t mind. Will using a VPN actually do anything to protect me from Google’s tracking if I’m using an Android phone and Google knows who I am, anyway?

    1. Doesn’t really matter to me. Audits mean nothing, and open sourcing a user interface isn’t that impressive. The openVPN protocol is already open source.

      Proton is slow, lacking features, expensive, and has terrible customer support.

      1. ok but have you thought of having an antivius teir list, i apoligise if this was already requested or this being irrelevent.

        1. I’ve thought about it, but I don’t know enough about antivirus to make a full fledged category from it. Simply put, it would take a lot of time to create virtual machines to test the products, etc.

          1. I did some test some time ago about antivirus just to see what would work for me. They have a lot of bad ones and you would probably pull your hair out. Some would allow me to download virus.zip file and even run it on my PC. Of course when you would scan for the virus the virus would blue screen and reboot the PC. Norton has always been horrible in this regards and allowed me to download this file and unzip it. I was then able to install it with out Norton complaining about it. I knew what I was doing at the time and just wanted to see if it would let me. Some stopped it before it even downloaded and some stopped it mid way of downloading but because the file was not the full download it would not let me install it. I did not run this in VM’s as my PC at the time I did not care if it got infected.

  18. Hello Tom, great honest reviews. I just used your code and nice discounts but i have not purchased yet.

    Could you please advise on the following. All i want VPN is for streaming. I would like to access USA Netflixs and USA Prime Video. I only have 1 device, laptop with windows 10 . Could you recommend a VPN that have the following:

    24/7 chat support
    Split Tunnelling
    Access to US Prime and Netflixs
    Decent speeds
    Not too expensive


    1. If you need split tunneling, go with ExpressVPN–but it’s the most expensive VPN. Honestly split tunneling is a bit overhyped–and some people complain about DNS leaks… If you want a cheap VPN with good support, access to US prime and Netflixes, great speeds–go for TorGuard VPN’s streaming bundle with code “netflix”.

      1. Thank you for the quick response. Express is expensive :). The reason i want split tunnelling is because most sites like banks etc drives me crazy with additional security questions because they think I am in another country and when i stream things localling like my TV station ( I am in Canada) it says you’re not in Canada and live feed is not available outside of Canada or I don’t need VPN for youtube etc. I know i have the option of logging off and on from VPN but i don’t want to remember to do that.

        I just tried TORguard ( That’s where i used your code but I will use Netlix if i sign up). They dont have live chat …. not sure why. I had to send an email which I dont like. It did not say because of COvid either. I am not a fan on no live chat because If I want to stream Prime or Netflixs and it’s not working after trying other servers, I want to chat live with someone.

        1. TorGuard’s live chat has been a hit or miss this year. Support tickets / emails still respond VERY quickly (better / faster than most every other VPNs…)

  19. Hey Tom, TorGaurd is a little complicated to sign up but I watched your videos.

    After, I sign up ( Anonymous VPN and select streaming IP) I have to send a ticket to support explaining what i want. Would the streaming IP they provide give access to both Prime USA and Netflixs USA or do I have to pay for another streaming IP for Prime? You video is referring to Netflixs but no mention of Prime.

    Please advise.

    1. If you want TG with streaming, the best deal is to go for the streaming bundle, not to purchase the IPs individually.

      1. Tom, thank you for all the reviews you do. I am sure it is time consuming…. but good for ppl ( new to VPN) like me. Unfortunately, Torguard is not for me….. no 24/7 chat is big problem for me especially if am experiencing difficulties. I sent an email to support over 6 hours ago and nothing yet. I was going to give them a chance because of all the good things you say about them. I am looking at NORD and their new NordLYNN service or Express or surfshark ….. I will review more of your videos now and I will also use your discount code ( if available) as I would like to support you for all the work you do and for the discount.

        Take care and keep up the good job and for being honest ( maybe give Torguard another look to see if it is worth promoting them as much) .

  20. Hello Tom, thank you for all the videos.

    With TorGuard and your discount, it’s better to get the streaming bundle right? I only need one streaming IP. The TORguard website is awful. Also, if i get the streaming bundle do i also need anonymous VPN package or does the streaming bungle comes with it?

    Is this correct below for one year?

    Anonymous VPN + one streaming IP with your discount = $84.98
    Streaming IP with your discount = $60.99

    If thats accurate, it’s better to get the streaming bundle right?

    1. Yes the streaming bundle is what you get for the streaming, and the regular package is just that (for VPN stuff), but the streaming includes the core VPN stuff too. The streaming IPs aren’t worth buying on their own tbh, unless for special cases, so it’s a good thing the bundle is there.

      1. Thank you. I will sign up now. I hope the service is good. I dont like the fact that they dont have live chat available but I will check it out.

        1. Hello Tom, stumbled across your website while looking for wireguard vpns, love your videos, nice to see some honest reviews not just glorified paid adverts.

          So torquard seems to be your biggest recommendation, so I’m gonna give it a go… I’m not sure if I should get the basic vpn or the streaming one, but I can’t see me ever watching Netflix from a different country really… Is that the only difference?

          Would you recommend running wireguard at router level, I’m using a RPi4 as a router with Openwrt software which has wireguard integration, or would I be best to run apps on devices that need the VPN, chromebook and shield tv specifically..

          Cheers for everything, keep safe.

          Tom (from the UK) ki

  21. Hey Tom i just now watched your re-review of torguard feb 2020 and i want to say thank you so much for clearing up misconceptions. So i will not cancel my subscription .

    And what does protonvpn and nordvpn have to do in order to win your trust

    1. Those two companies would only re-gain my trust if they sold out their companies to another company. At that point, I would trust them.

  22. Hello Tom,

    I really appreciate your time and effort with all of the testing you’ve done on VPN’s. It’s been a valuable resource in sifting through the many choices. Near the top of your home page you list Malwarebytes as “best antivirus program”, I’ve used their premium malware protection for years. I just received a $10 discount offer for their maleware premium and VPN combo package, but have no idea if the VPN portion any good or not. Do you have any plans of testing their VPN to see how they rate? I’m pretty close to getting Torguard, but wouldn’t mind waiting if you say a review of Malwarebytes VPN is coming.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hey AJ, great idea. I’ll take a look. However, just as a spolier (haha), most VPNs for these kind of companies are sort of side projects and not as good as full fledged VPNs.

  23. Hello Tom,

    I am very new to VPNs and am still navigating through the wealth of information and conflicting reviews.

    What VPN would you recommend if you mainly need it for safe downloading and torrenting (pirate bay etc). I don’t think I will need it for streaming, but may consider if the service is available, but not as much as I would need it for torrenting.


    1. I would go for TorGuard’s basic plan, $5 a month or $30 a year with code “tomspark”. you can’t beat it. great speeds for dling stuff!

  24. Hello Tom,

    Thank you for all the VPN videos. For Torguard, if I get the streaming bundle I get two streaming IP’s which is great because I will get USA and UK. My question, once I enter the streaming IP and connect, lets say I want to use VPN to surf the internet only (no streaming, just surfing) in SA, France, Germany, Spain or Japan, could I connect to any of those servers easily or do I have to remove streaming IP address and do any complicated maneuvers? I have SurfVPN now and my year is up but with them all I do is click and connect to wherever but since I have to enter streaming IP for TorGuard , do I have to surf the internet where the streaming IPs are from or could I go to any other country for surfing the internet only by doing an easy click to that location?

    1. The streaming IPs let you choose two locations you can stream with. Think of these like “extra servers” to choose from. You still can use every other TorGuard server as well (the normal ones are not compatible with streaming services since they block them). If you want a VPN with more than 2 locations offered, check out ExpressVPN (although it’s noticeably more expensive). Does that make sense?

      1. perfect thank you. I think you answered my question. I only want to stream in two locations which is perfect but when I am not streaming and just want to be anonymous in another country other than the two streaming location, I could also do that…… thank you again. Code netflix it is.

  25. TorGuard runs horribly on IOS, you should take that into consideration, for iPhone users (and there are a lot of us) it’s one of the worst available options.

  26. Hello friend, using TorGuard a few days ago. I highly recommend Brazil server. I wanted to take a doubt with you, Using OpenConnetion UDP with 80MB DL, but using OpenVPN UDP AES 128GCM with up to 150MB DL. Did you also notice this big difference? Same thing on Android.

  27. Hi Tom, have you ever tried Private Tunnel VPN? It’s a VPN service powered by OpenVPN.
    The prices are good IMHO. 36 $ per year. Nor am I convinced by their logs policy: “We only log time connected and amount of bandwidth used, no internet history or anything else. All records are purged in 2 weeks, to preserve space on our servers“.
    What do you think about it? Will you make a review?
    Thank you.

  28. Please review VPN services offered by Antivirus services. The majority of AV providers install it alongside the AV software or show it as an add-on when users purchase a subscription of their AV Softwares (Internet Security and above type subscription).

    Some of them force users to install the VPN when you update their AV software. (e.g Bitdefender and Avast)

    Additional note that some AV Providers simply white-labeled their VPN service from existing VPN providers but with changes on UI and potentially backend configuration so it’s not 100% replica with just a new skin.

    An additional point of angle for review is to show if there’s any difference for white-labeled VPN services from the original service provider. Of which, answer the questions “Should I just pay for the VPN service provided by the AV or get it directly from its original provider?”

    Would you love to hear your thoughts about these AV VPN services! 🙂

    Here’s a list of provider you can try to review:

    1. Great thought! The problem with a lot of these services are that they are expensive and hard for me to review since they don’t usually offer 1-month cheap plans like standard VPNs.

    2. If you do choose these I would choose one’s that have good antivirus programs and stay clear of mcafee which is not very good. I know at work when we had this we got hit with virus outbreaks numerous times. It just let the virus in and then finally found it once the dat was updated but then it was to late.

  29. Hey, I am signing up with Torguard but i wanted to ask 3 questions as I am new to VPN.

    1) Outside of the US, what is the best library for Prime and Netflix for movies? I have to pick two streaming IPs.
    2) Do you know if Torguard will be offering split tunneling anytime soon?
    3) Is Torguard compatible with Fire stick? if yes, do you know if Prime will work through Fire stick or I need a router?
    I tried Express VPN on my laptop and US Prime kept saying I am using a VPN (I’m from Canada). They went through many troubleshooting steps with me including changing many servers and they finally gave up and could not resolve it. It was unfortunate because speed was good and UI was amazing.

    1. 1) Prime is mostly available in the USA. Not sure if you can access it that many other places. I would pick usually from the USA, UK, and Japan for most services, or just the USA and UK since that has Hulu, prime, Netflix ,BBC player.
      2) I have asked support teams and they said they are working on it.
      3) Yes TG works with a firestick. I have made videos on using it with the IPs (the same process as on PC really, just copy-paste IP into the dedicated IP section).

      TG is more consistent with unblocking things while ExpressVPN is better for unlocking weird versions of Netflix like saying Australia or Canada (TG is better for unblocking everything in the 6 regions they offer). Just remember to use code “Netflix” for a generous 50% off the bundle!

  30. Tom, thank you for the quick response, I will use code Netflix for sure and thank you for all your videos. I am new to this but I will review the vidoes for firestick and try to figure it out.

    One last question, I emailed Torguard today and they said they will send me a mini router for free if i sign up for a year. They are out of stock now but will be getting them soon…… is it easier and better to use the mini router rather than configuring the Firestick?

    1. Awesome!

      Wow that is nice of them. The router is great for devices that can’t install TorGuard (i.e, PS4’s, apple TV, Xbox, Smart TVs) etc. I’ve also made tutorials on the same exact router as well and how to set it up. Also good just for having a VPN on all the time for ultimate wi-fi security.

  31. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for all the videos. What subscription are you using with Torguard?

    Should I sign up for 2 years plan? I use your coupon code for a month and it has been great with Torguard but I don’t know if anything will change in the future

    1. TorGuard is super consistent. I’ve been using them for 5 years, and the service has always been top grade. It’s probably one of the only VPNs I would recommend long term subscriptions since I don’t think they will sell out or have data breaches. The two-year plan I think has the best deal for only around $50 with my code “TomSpark”.

  32. Hello Tom,
    If i have two streaming IP’s USA and UK from Torguard (planning on signing up) and I want to switch back and forth between UK and USA for streaming, is there a way to do it without entering the IP address separately all the time from the UI?
    What i am asking is, if i can set them both up and just  one click on access either one or do i have to enter manually all the time?  I am not sure if you made a video showing that but last night it was a Tom Spark marathon on You Tube for me :). I saw your video how to set it up with TG but is there a way for one click access between streaming IP’s from UI?

    1. If you input the streaming IPs, it should save as a server, and then you can usually find it at the top of the server chart. I don’t understand why you would have to keep re-inputting the servers into the app.

      1. I have not signed up yet but soon with code netflix.

        If i want to switch between two IP’s 5 times and night, I did not want to enter IP’s manually and having to memorize them so that’s why I was asking so I am glad I only have to do it once. Thanks again.

        1. Yes, think of it like “adding” a server to the list, and from there, you can easily see it as an option. Thanks for stopping by :).

  33. Hi Tom, I was seeing your videos and I can see they are pretty good. I just wanted to say that to you. Now straight to the business. I just found a new VPN that seems very promising, it’s called Tachyon VPN. It’s currently on Beta, but it seems a nice one. I hope you can do a review. What calls me is that is not from a company so there are no logs, nothing, and the government can ask nothing, because is of no one, similar like thorbrowser. I hope I can see a review of it from you.

  34. Hey Tom,

    I am getting a streaming IP from TG for US Amazon Prime, do you recommend Apple TV, Fire stick or another media box? I am only getting VPN for streaming Prime, Netflix and others,

    1. Firestick is probably the easiest to do it with, I also have tutorials on my channel for it you can easily find!

  35. Hi mark, I have a question. Why did you change idea about ExpressVPN? In 2019 that was one of the worst VPN in your tierlist. Now it’s in “God VPN”. What’s changed? They still have the highest price, an anonymously built company etc.

    1. Who is Mark? My name is TOM! Tom Spark Reviews! How did you mix that up?

      ExpressVPN was never rated that low. It was high tier in tier 2, and I re-reviewed it this year and decided to rate a few areas less harshly.

      1. Ops! Sorry! I was very tired when I wrote that post, I don’t know why I wrote “Mark”. What an idiot! Sorry.
        I thought that something was changed about ExpressVPN reputation, price etc. For this reason I asked you that question. They still do the “Virgin Islands marketing”, and very high marketing in blog and YouTube just like NordVPN. For this reason I think that it’s strange that Express is in the same position of TorGuard and AirVPN in your tearlist.
        Sorry again for my typo.

        1. ExpressVPN’s rating is similar to its previous score. IF you want the details, you can check the linked comparison table at the top of the tier list. The reputation and pricing category are unchanged largely.

  36. Great Article!!.
    Whats on recommendations to watch Amazon prime? Sadly TorGuard doesnt have Paypal which is a nogo for me.

    1. If you can’t use Paypal, Amazon Prime is another great option. Or check out privacy.com, which is great for paying for services. If you’re set on using Paypal, checkout ExpressVPN (special discount if u click on the link in the tier list gives u 3 months free for 1 year) or AirVPN in Tier 1.

  37. hi tom . how are you ? i want to ask for cloud storage which is best for privacy like privacy is there first priority as in end to end encrypted . no one can see or use a file rather than me not even can leak or stolen while uploading like military grade encryption type . what would you prefer ? care to reply . thanks .

  38. Hey Tom,

    Here is a quick question, I purchased a new Fire stick and I am not in the USA. My amazon account is not from the USA . I have a monthly VPN plan with NordVPN so i added Nord to FIre Stick and connected successfully but Prime does not give me US library, just local library in my country. Nord changed DNS, etc and still does not work, however, on my laptop ( Windows) i can unblock US Prime no problem but not on fire stick and I am using the same server for both. Based on the scenario above, do you believe fire stick will work for Prime US with a Torguard streaming IP?

  39. My Cyberghost subscription is coming to an end in 1 day. I don’t know if I should renew it or get Torguard. What would you suggest? PRICE is the biggest issue with me as I am not in the US right now and a dollar = more than twice the amount of the local currency :-/

    1. New review is coming out soon, i deleted the old one. as for which to use, check out the rankings and pick one you like

  40. Hello Tom, recently I have been looking into VPNs that will be compatible for gaming. Specifically, I need a VPN that will be able to I can connect with up to 3 xbox’s and a gaming pc. Is there any VPN you would reccomend specifically for gaming? Thanks for you time.

  41. Hi Tom, really like your videos. I was with expressVPN, like it, but is too expensive, and wanted to try another cheaper one with good results. Followed your suggestion and just tried TORGUARD and found these issues. Just wanted you to know. And if you could share some light on the issues.

    Created support ticket with them:
    I connected to Canada/Toronto. Checked couple of sites about IP details and they reported Canada/Toronto. When I click on Verified in TorGuard client, It brings up a Torguard page stating where I am located, and say Orlando USA. That page is displaying also 4 diffrent ways to provide IP details. The first 2 and the last show Orlando, the third shows Toronto Canada. I did other tests and found out that:
    – DNS leak test failed:Whoever runs your DNS servers can log every website you visit. My previous VPN did not track this. I do not like it.
    – WEBRTC test failed: Your browser is exposing these IPs to websites you visit. Again do not like this.
    Also used this site: https://ipleak.net/ to check my ip and it reported USA Georgia.
    Hope its my setup, since this is very confusing. I am clearly not hidden like I should right now with their service.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    1. I would try talking to their support to find an answer. If you can’t, then refund, and try another VPN on the tier 1 list.

  42. Hey bro.

    Since it’s been 1 year since you reviewed AIR VPN, have you considered doing another review/update? Or do you mean that they have not changed during the past year?

    And then I would like to hear from you if you have heard anything “news” about Nord VPN?

    I think it is interesting to see what you say in your videos – and I’ve learned a lot thanks to you over the last 4 months.

    And I owe you a big thank you since you recommended Torguard.
    I have had zero problems with them since I became a customer there 3 months ago.

    1. I would say that not much has changed with it. It’s still good though. As far as Nord, the latest thing would probably be that they massively inflated their Trustpilot with fake review scores. I’ve also had someone pay for dislikes on a few critical videos on NordVPN, might make a video on that soon…

      1. Yeah i saw that with their fake review scores…Almost 4000 reviews now L O L

        Do they not realize that we are looking through them and that people know about their bad reputation? Jesus…

        1. IDK.. If they listened to my advice and criticism, they would get a better score, but they don’t seem to give a fuck…

    1. These channels know next to nothing about VPNs (they haven’t reviewed hardly any, and Techlore promoted NordVPN for years which is honestly embarassing), but you can find some good tips on hardening browsers or linux stuff I guess.

  43. It is suspicious that you gave WeVPN a big pass while they are so new. You didn’t cover their reputation in any detail, and gave them a top spot in the rankings. Why? This is concerning.

    Where is the company based? You have said in the past this is important, but their website doesn’t say.
    Who are their top executives? You said in the past this is important, but their website doesn’t say.
    Where is their data retention information on their website with regards to sensitive data? Their website doesn’t say in any substantial or important detail like Mulvad or Air.

    They use Microsoft and Google for tracking app crashes, analytics, and serving ads, and their web platform uses INTERCOM, which retains data on your conversations with them AND device data. This means your data (IP address, operating system, etc) is given to those companies who profit off their customer data. This is very anti-privacy.

    If someone starts to dig into this company, there are additional very worrying things that show up, yet you give the new company a raving review without them having to prove anything. Also, they haven’t even been audited yet.

    It almost seems like you’re being paid by them to immediately put a new VPN service at the top of the list. What’s up with that??

    1. If you are familiar with my VPN reviews, you should know why it got a good score. It’s very affordable, consumer friendly, works great with streaming options, EXTREMELY fast, and has a good solid foundation for the app / reputation so far.

      Company is based in British virgin islands, but lots of the team is remote collab.

      I have met their executives and you can also talk to them on their public discord as well.

      It doesn’t collect logs.

      Lots of websites use analytics to track website performance. For me, that has never been a part of my review system. I look purely at the VPN app logging.

      I have dug into the company, and nothing worrying comes up.

      WeVPN has industry low 30% comission rates. I am simply promoting them because they are a good product, not because it will make me rich.

      1. The Hong Kong server of wevpn, I was impressed by Apple mobile phones before, but I don’t know that his speed and response have slowed down recently. I don’t know what caused it to be like this.

  44. This seems amazing…so far, Windows app only, but the rest will be coming.
    The speeds are absolutely phenomenal [torrenting and streaming]

    Hideaway VPN

    7day free trials
    from your subscriber, mollytim1

  45. Can you please investigate why Torguard is down on the 1st day of the month for both May and June 2020.

    They refuse to update status of their website to indicate that the sefvide is down, and don’t want to communicate with the customers about the issue.

    It’s the same issue there happened again today, so they don’t fix whatever is causing the issue and they were down for over 2 hours with no information about this…

    How can they have such a high score when they are down every month and tries to hide the fact they are and refuse to explain why they are down?
    Please investigate this.

    1. It’s up for me now. I wouldn’t be too upset at this though. After reviewing and using them for 5 years, it has never been an issue.

      Edit: I talked to support, seems like the servers got overloaded last night due to the mass amount of users. Support seems to be compensating for the issues if you talk to them, so they got your back.

    2. I had the same problems sometimes, but I just switched some servers, and then everything is fine. It seems that some servers here in Scandinavia are “sleepy” in the mornings.
      And I don’t think it is “fair” that you request Mr. Spark to investigate this…After all, he doesn’t work for TorGuard at all.
      I think Customer Support at TG is really good, and they have answered all the questions I had in a professional way.

      1. Thanks Elvin haha. You are right. I don’t work for them or provide support. I try to answer basic questions and then send people to them for stuff like that. I am just a product reviewer/recommender.

  46. Hi Tom!

    Due to the very good rating in your list I subscribed at WeVPN. Unfortunately, their software isn’t installing on my Windows 10 device. I get a message “This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor.” However, I’m using a standard Intel Atom processor and never had experienced anything like this before.

    Anyway, I asked WeVPN to refund my money, but they do not react at all. Their live chat isn’t working for days now. Every time I try to contact them, I get the message “We apologize for keeping you waiting. Our operators are busy at the moment, please leave us a message with your email address and we’ll get back to you shortly.” But I’m always at queue position 1 or 2. And they never get back. Furthermore, they neither react to enquiries via the contact form nor via email.

    I think you should take them out of your list for the moment, test their support again and then rate them down accordingly. It’s your good reputation which can get spoiled by such issues, too.

    Nevertheless, you saved me from subscribing at NordVPN with your information, which I appreciate a lot. Instead I have now subscribed at TorGuard for 6 months with your discount code and it seems to work quite well. The only thing I don’t like there is that you have to provide a lot of personal data, whereas elswhere an email address is sufficient.

    Btw, have you ever heard of LimeVPN? I recently tried them for one month for $2.49 and it was not too bad at all at this ridiculously cheap price point. In fact, it performed quite well. And it’s already available at $1 per month for a 24-month subscription. What I liked was that they support many protocols including Softether, which I found to be probably the fastes and most reliable I’ve used so far. But they only have very few server locations with only one in the German language area, which was the reason that I didn’t renew and was looking for something else. But maybe it’s worth to take a look at.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for your work with your list and your videos!

    1. Thanks for your feedback Mark. I am currently investigating a few issues. I lowered the score significantly, to 4.16.

  47. Thanks for your great reviews.
    Could you add Wachee VPN to the tier list and do a review of it? It’s an exclusive Netflix VPN that works really well.


    Hi Tom

    I have an Expressvpn subscription and I get this very annoying captcha on a lot of websites (google and many others). They do not offer a dedicated IP. what do you suggest? Do you think this terrible? They said to me they are working on it. I have a terrible experience with expression because of this.

    Secondly. I watched your review about TorGuard, which if it was not based in the US it would be pretty much ideal. How I can verify that for sure they have no logs? I do not want to just take their word for that. you never know what you will find in the future. So, I tried to find the audit report of TorGuard but I could not.

    Thanks a lot…

    1. Hello, TorGuard is based in the USA, but in the USA, there are no mandatory data retention laws yet. It is safe to use a USA VPN, since as someone using it, you are trying to avoid mass surveillance, not targetted surveillance (which is when Terrorists get investigated by spy agency and no VPN can help them).


        Thank you for your response. good to know that. Regarding ExpressVpn, do you experience a lot of reCaptcha these days like me? I am not sure if I can do anything about this. Strangely enough, I do see anyone talks about this issue. Even with the shared IP, I should not get all these ReCaptcha pretty much every time I launch the browser and open any of google domains and others as well.

  49. Hi Tom! Have you tested any of the VPNs with Kodi? I’d like to get TorGaurd but a few reviewers say its not ideal for the VPN newbie, takes some configuration to use TorGaurd with Kodi. Your thoughts? Any other Tier 1 VPN suggestions for Kodi?

    1. These reviewers are lying. TorGuard vpn is very easy to use. They just want to recommend higher comission vpns. plus I have tons of guides on it, and the support is RLY good. use torguard with code “tomspark”.

  50. I used other VPNs. none of them work! Vpn protocol TCP / UDP
    Since the other Vpn does not work, a Nordvpn 2 feature is working. I will show it with the picture.
    Does not work in NordVpn protocol TCP / UDP

    I want to use UDP, They banned our country …
    I prefer UDP on the computer; multiplayer speed game play, movie fast monitoring, i need it.

    I can not use UDP, as I said, our country banned it.

    Can you give me another alternative? I would be glad if you could help.

    My country is Turkey ! The country where there is no IT freedom like Russia.



      1. Slate (GL-AR750S-Ext).
        I bought this router just to install TG on it. Because my ISP router will not allow me to install a VPN to it. You may want to try the VPN router route. VPN routers are sold ready to go plug and play

  51. Why does the Discord server require phone verification? Are there any plans to change it to a lower the verification level? I really want to join the server, but I don’t want to give up my phone number to Discord.

    1. IF you add me on Discord (Tom Spark Reviews#2180), I can bypass that system. It’s there to keep out trolls and their alternate accounts.

  52. so how come you get a discount code with torguard vpn ? i thought you were supposed to be unbiased yet clearly you get a % of sales from people using your code. how can one expect this not to influence your scoring?

    1. I already addressed this in my TorGuard review. My code is not special. You can even use TorGuard’s own advertised code on the website instead of mine. Any affiliate can make that code, and pretty much anyone can be an affiliate. The code is also permanent as well. I provide codes for every VPN if available, but unfortunately, most VPNs are too lazy to make a code system to help reduce the price. Hope that answers your concerns.

  53. Hello Tom,

    I read that someone has problem with gmail (the app on android) syncronization with TorGuard.
    Do you know experienced the same issue?


  54. Hello Tom,

    I bought a year of TorGuard the other day and everything has been working great, there is only one thing I am slightly confused about. Even after watching your video TorGuard master guide I am not sure what the best dns settings to use in the windows app are such as while connecting and when connected to the vpn service. I would appreciate your insight on this as you seem to be very knowledgeable on TorGuard.


    1. If you are confused about anything, stick to default settings and you should be good! It doesn’t really require any configuration.

  55. Hi,
    i heard often people say free VPNs are not something to choose. So is there any difference u could see by Proton VPN free and a paid one. I think that is a myth or. I mean for torrenting u must also pay by Proton so that could not be a Topic to worry…
    Would u rate the free Proton lower???


    1. I would not recommend ProtonVPN. I don’t think it having a free model is the end of the world, but all around it is not that great of a product. Stick to tier 1 VPNs.

  56. Hey bro.

    Have you heard about the Jumbo Privacy APP for Iphone?
    Is that something you wanna look at regarding privacy and loggs?

  57. I can vouch for TorGuard customer service. I had an issue with my purchase and within a few minutes of creating the ticket, they were quick to respond and help me with whatever I needed. Definitely deserves a 5/5 for customer service.

  58. Hey Tom,
    Two questions;
    1. What do you think about IVPN?
    2. Do you also review how well encrypted the VPN’s are and if yes under which score in the comparison table is it?
    Thank you for all your content man!!!!

    1. Watch the review!

      Most VPNs use the same level of encryption, so I like to review more which features they offer in the apps

  59. Video
    That was a really good intro. It actually made me laugh a bit.
    I respect you for clarifying that this is just your analysis of these channels and that you don’t have any solid evidence. Many people would skip over that and leave it to the viewers to decide “was there any actual evidence or am I being mislead”.
    NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN are very popular VPNs that people are probably searching for. It’s probably easier to be found by going for the popular stuff that everyone is searching for. Also, don’t they give 100% commission rates or something like that? It could just be because they are the easiest to make money off of.
    The large view counts could be caused by how many subscribers they have and how they titled the videos. YouTube may be prioritizing them over you because of the massive subcounts which could lead to more money for YouTube. Additionally, they could’ve cracked the code on what to put in their titles or just got really, really lucky.
    The upvotes and comments really could just be caused by choosing the right title, thumbnail, length, and some other stuff. It really could just be the same as the view counts.
    Videos being scripted is not uncommon, especially for reviews. It’s usually best practice to script so that you can more easily give your audience your review. You have all of your points pre-written and you don’t have any added randomness.
    Many people having the same description layouts is very suspicious though. It is possible that they work under the same company or were hacked and are putting out the same thing.
    I am almost 100% sure that that League of Legends channel was hijacked or bought out. I can’t see a reason that someone would make a massive change like that. It’s possible, but very unlikely.
    The editing isn’t suspicious. It is extremely possible that the channels were hacked or bought out by someone with such skills or money to provide those skills. There is also the possible that it is just someone with some free time and decided to learn video editing. It’s not hard to do this type of editing if you just put aside a day or so and learn it.
    I am 100% sure that that music channel was hijacked or given away. It was inactive for a year and when it came back it went from music to VPNs? Very unlikely. There is also the amount of videos. They are very small and it is possible that they clicked on a link and lost the channel. There is also the name and the banner. The banner says that the channel is of a MikKert, but the actual channel name is Zac Parker.
    Once again, I think that the channels are posting the same VPNs because those VPNs are the most popular and are the easiest to make money off of.

    High Production Value – It is extremely likely that some of these channels were hacked or bought out. It is also possible that the channel just had someone with some time and learned how to make professionally edited videos. With free software, you can make edits like they did.
    Change of Ownership – I think that some of these channels were bought out while others were hacked. The change was way to sudden and after such a long time of inactivity, it’s just very unlikely that they wouldn’t at least make a video explaining the change.
    High View Counts – They could have just gotten lucky or knew how to get views on YouTube. Maybe they were marketing on different websites or channels.
    High Like Counts – This one is extremely suspicious without much to justify. The likes just seem too out of balance. Once again, luck could’ve been a factor, but I don’t think luck could cause this large of a sway.
    Comments With Too Much Praise – It is possible that they are lucky, botted, or just remove the ones that aren’t praising them. Many channels do this.
    Videos Aren’t Critical – Many reviews are like that. Some people are just in it for the money and don’t care about anything else. It’s sad, but the truth.
    Reviews All Promote The Same VPNs – Like I said before, the VPNs that they promote are very popular and have high commission rates. If what I said above was true, then this is just the easiest way to make money.
    Similar Presentation – It is possible that they all have the same people behind them. It is also possible that they are all using similar tutorials to learn or are paying the same types of people to make their thumbnails and editing.

    The VPN industry is very nasty and full of people just trying to make a quick buck. You should never have only one resource and always check around. I don’t think that all the channels that you showed are legitimate, but I wouldn’t shoot them all down just yet. There is a chance that there is more to the story that just hasn’t been revealed yet.

    Other Stuff
    I noticed that you are using Google Chrome. Why is that? Don’t you suggest Brave as a daily driver? I’m honestly just confused by this.
    What’s up with the audio when you play a video? There is some weird affect that happens when you click play.

    1. Hi, thanks for the feedback. I use chrome sometimes when I’m making videos or working on my channel (Google products like when you use google products). I use brave for privacy / anonymity or more general browsing, although sometimes I get weird bugs

  60. Hi Tom,
    if u want some tip about new VPNs, please take a look at AdGuard VPN in near future 🙂

    Best regards

  61. Hi again,

    i would recommend to give the “Reputation (Security)” 10 Points max.
    So the Score-List would make more Sense in my Understanding.
    Everything builds up on this point

    Maybe You make a review on Doublehop also, thx

    1. interesting recommendation, it would require me to re-rate all of the VPNs though, and I am very happy with how things are ranked since everything seems fair.

      1. What Benefit would it be when u can unlock streams like a God and get post from the D… because everything got leaked.
        Or you get a good Price and u can save 2€ but get leaked anyway. Or torrent little faster…
        U often make re-review so yeah…. Little work, but no chance no fowarding….

        I can double the points by myself but…. I just wanted to make the ranking more useful

        Reputation and Speeds for example can’t have the same value but… My point of view

  62. Hey Tom,
    Today I did some digging on VPN’s and come upon the site vpnscams.com and found some interesting articles about NordVPN and proton linking to Tesotenet and I wondered what you think about that?

    1. Hey Tom,

      Today I did some digging on VPN’s and come upon the site vpnscams.com and found some interesting articles about NordVPN and proton linking to Tesotenet and I wondered what you think about that?

  63. TorGuard VPN is owned by a US company, which is part of the Five Eyes. Many review sites/blogs are against VPN companies that are based in Five Eyes/Nine Eyes/Fourteen Eyes. Also, the company has not been audited yet, unlike NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and some others. So you can only put your trust in their marketing. Based on its own blog (Dec 29th), it says it moved the parent company to Nevis. But its own website’s privacy policy says the parent company VPNetworks LLC is based in Orlando, FL, USA. PCMag’s review also confirms the same conclusion. Confusing? I think so. Shady? I bet! So after watching your latest 21 min Youtube review on TorGuard, I still don’t still understand how it ranks so much higher than other reputable VPN providers such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or TunnelBear.

    You said you like companies that are transparent, but TorGuard doesn’t seem transparent to me. And without full audit of the company or periodic publication of warrant canary, this US-based company can’t really be trusted, even if it has higher speed than others.




    1. Thanks for the concern. Here are some points I would like to point out to address your worries:
      -TorGuard is very open about ownership. In fact, it’s one of the few companies where you can actually find the CEO on Linkedin. It’s been like this for years.
      -5 and 14 eyes is not important for VPN location. Watch this video for more info:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H-YneZMBdo
      -VPN audits don’t really mean anything. VPN Companies pay the companies to audit them, and no information every gets out beyond the audit unless they want it to. It’s a complete conflict of interest, which is why most of my top rated VPNs like TorGuard, WeVPN, and AirVPN haven’t waste time and money doing them. Now if you told me a VPN company got an audit based on ownership and investors? I would be interested. An audit that proves a company doesn’t log isn’t that compelling since I don’t think most VPNs log anyway.

      If you think NordVPN is reputable, than you have lost your mind. Not only has it been hacked before (and the company didn’t tell anyone for a year), but it also has gotten in trouble for false advertising, having trackers in their android application, and many many more things.

  64. “When I contacted their customer support, they told me that I need to buy “dedicated IP” which cost $7.99/mo extra in addition to the expensive VPN.


    Almost $30/mo just to access Netflix which you can do with NordVPN and it only costs $3.49.”

    – thebestvpn.com

  65. There’s a pretty big difference between the top and bottom tier 2 VPN’s. The scores provide differentiation but it seems a shame that Express and Cactus are in the same general class as VeePN and the like. I guess it can’t be helped. I agree that TorGuard is the best!

  66. Hello,

    I have now been using Torguard’s Streaming Bundle to access HBO for one month and am very happy with the performance and also their service. When I had trouble setting up OpenVPN on my router, their help was top notch.
    I am confident that this will continue.

    Thanks a lot for having introduced me to Torguard Tom! I’m a complete newbie to VPNs.

  67. Hello friend, following your recommendations, I have bought torguard again, but there is one thing I wanted to tell you about and that is the fact that when we are connected it is not possible to enter the application configuration menu, would not it be good to be able to enter the process?

    1. i think its a bad idea to mess with configurations while its connected i mean i think its made that way on purpose. just saying. would u want to change your security by mistake if you click somewhere randomly cause we all know that can happen. this vpn is air tight, it even has task killing when it disconnects you can pick your country and you can have more than one connection at a time but but, not on a dedicated ip . because i think if i had to guess its because of prioritizing speed for the device you are on but , i mean lets say you like the ip you have from the respected country you chose. you can just pin it and use it indefinitly forever if u wish and if u unpin it just add it to custom ips and you can have tha same ip al the time if you want that. like connect to a country , see the ip add it to dedicated, then use a variaty of like 20 diferent ips per country wich one you want for each device its definitly worth it man

  68. Would you include GooseVPN I would like to know your opinion on it.
    Your review on YouTube is 2 years old and I couldn’t find another new review.

  69. Scrolled thru all comments and can’t find a simple question I have. Basically I need a vpn for streaming my iptv 3rd party service and not a ‘streaming’ vpn because I don’t own any paid Netflix,Hulu, etc type accts. Will Torguard basic work for me? The iptv worked fine for years, but I suspect isp is beginning to throttle. Thanks.

  70. Hi tom, I have a question which I dont know if you have adressed it already but I hope you can help me out. I am interested in buying Torguard but I dont know if I should complement it with an antivirus or if alone will help me out to stay on top of security, thanks!!!

    1. VPN’s are for privacy/anonymity rather than security for the most part. A VPN will make you more secure when on public wifi, but if you are wanting improved security you may want to go for an antivirus as well.

  71. Hey Tom, I just came across your youtube channel when looking for new VPN. You have great content!

    Did you by any chance take a look at SnowHaze VPN and their browser? They have some nice claims on their page but I’d like to know what’s your opinion about it.

    Be great!

  72. Random question regarding VPN+Antivirus Combos, I’m basically looking for an all in one.
    ExpressVPN is nice however after multiple issues regarding connections (I have no idea why, went through multiple steps) had to refund it.
    Is there any true combo that’s as ease of use.

    I hate to say this but being tied to Avast for about a year now.
    I’d like a change.

  73. Torguard has a new package called VPN Pro. It includes a dedicated IP and access to the 10GB servers. Since I only need 1 IP and 10GB would be great – I paid $4 to switch my streaming bundle to the VPN Pro.

    The next day after talking to support, they tell me that the package includes and IP and 10GB but you can’t use the IP on the 10GB….so basically worthless?

    I asked support to put me back on my old streaming bundle and they want another $4 !
    Their marketing was deceptive and now they are gouging you to return…..

  74. The cost of changing your plan is because they need to change the IPs which costs them money.
    The dedicated IPs and 10GB’s are specialized so they can’t be used together, though you can still use the 10GB IP for normal use – just not unblocking streaming services.

  75. Hey Tom,
    According to your recommedation I have chosen WeVPN. My iphone using WireGuard protocol is now ~10-15% faster than without vpn (!). Firefox on Win 7 64 bits was initially very slow. Then I added
    WeVPN add-on and results have become much, much better. Without vpn there was 9/86.74/5.98
    (ping/downloads/uploads). Connection to vpn through the add-on: 19/67.52/5.94, which is still good.
    Next I sent a mail asking how I should configure my Tixati for torrenting. There was a very quick
    reply after more or less one hour. It is a proof that they treat people seriously. I was disppointed with
    their answer because there was nothing about Tixati. They just confirmed that there were no restrictions on their servers as far torrenting/p2p was concerned.
    I decided to make an experiment. I changed the protocol to UDP. Network: Split Tunneling on, All apps use the VPN. Then I connected to my nearest server. In Tixati I set outgoing throttle to 70-80%
    of the upload capacity. Under ‘General’ and ‘Connections’ I changed network mode of IPv4 or IPv6
    to ‘Preferred’ instead of ‘Only’. Under ‘General’ settings and ‘Queueing’ I disabled ‘Recycle unused
    download slots’. Practically I didn’t do anything. These options are usually set when you get Tixati.
    I ran the program and started torrenting. Then I visited ipleak.net. There were no leaks. Finally
    I clicked their magnet-link to learn if downloading was safe. It was.
    Looks like those guys from MyVPN don’t know that Tixati is so good without any changes 🙂
    And, of course, all that confirms the quality of their software.

    1. I need to add that seeding was ok but downloading hopeless. When you choose Network>connections Local IPv4 address or interface, click (…) on the right. A small windows
      { hexadecimal value }
      TAP-Windows Adapter V9
      You can use only one of these options. I set ‘TAP-Windows Adapter V9’ and downloading was
      almost non-existant. Click the {hexadecimal value} and that’s all. Your download will be fine.

    1. Usually there is no need to uninstall other VPNs, but sometimes the drivers clash and it will affect performance (won’t connect, frequent disconnects etc.). If you don’t need the other VPNs then you might as well uninstall them to avoid any unnecessary hassle.

  76. Michael T Braynen

    Just purchased WeVPN . Performance on Windows 10 with the Chrome browser has been poor. Speeds are not maintained and there are frequent disconnections that last a few seconds. Disappointed seeing that it was your #2 rated.

  77. I need a VPN suggestion that I can install on my Asus router and has servers in Canada. NordVPN has this service but the review has destroyed NordVPN. Can anyone provide any recommendation for US customer to connect to servers in Canada by installing a profile on the Asus router? I need access to all streaming services like Netflix etc.

  78. Hi Tom! I really enjoy your site and analysis! In your newer videos, you use a spreadsheet to lay out the features that you like, and code them “Yes” or “No” for each VPN–a great and transparent technique, IMO. Could you add a page to your website that lists those features and why each is important in your opinion? I watched a few of your videos that used that used this technique, and gleaned pieces of why you like each feature–but I’d love to see that in one place. It would also be searchable and a quick reference, instead of combing through videos (which are good!) for the insights. Thanks for your work!

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t have a compilation of all of the data. It’s a good idea though, but one that would take a lot of time and effort to reorganize now. You would have to look at each video.

  79. I am interested in Torguard. I am undecided about which package to purchase. I am a cord cutter and use Nvidia Shield, TiviMate, and IPTV provider. Can I get away with just the Anonymous VPN or do you recommend the Streaming package?

    I would only enabled VPN when I am streaming from the IPTV.

    1. streaming bundle is for unblocking streaming services. the reg anon package is good outside of that. does that make sense?

  80. The naming of Tier 3 seems out of place. I get God / Strong / Weak – these relate to each other but “Below average” kind of makes me wonder about the missing “Average” Tier. Perhaps you meant Average instead of “Below average” ?

    Either way thank you for your enlightening Videos – I have been increasingly frustrated by the amount of review sites and videos that are really not reviews at all. That goes to more than just VPN reviews.

    Your in depth and honest thoughts are very much appreciated in this worsening landscape.

  81. Maybe you should re-review PIA. It dropped support for WIndows 7 in early September WITHOUT notifying the users still using Win 7 (at least me). And their explanation boiled down to end of life. But they SOLD me the year’s service in May, which is a few months past that excuse being legitimate. Naturally, the best they could do was to offer NOT TO CHARGE ME NEXT MAY. No half-year refund for the half-year I wouldn’t have been using it. I’d had issues on my Win 10 box with Hosts and asked PIA for help. Boilerplate away from NO help whatsoever. The kicker? When uninstalling on the Win 7 app, the machine failed to reboot. Repeatedly. I’m in the process of doing a system recovery and will try to uninstall again. Thankfully, I have backups (disk images) going back eight years, last 21 dailies and keeping the first of the month for every month that this computer has been in service. I will rid myself of PIA AND get a working computer back. I’m shocked PIA is at the top of the below average tier and not in tier five all by it’s lonesome. (By the way, I was seriously thinking about SurfShark. Thanks for the review. TorGuard seems the likely solution.).

    1. Hello, I have been hearing very sketchy things regarding PIA and its management–most likely, I don’t have much interest in reviewing it for now.

  82. Good day. How are you. I am very interested in buying torguard. Its torrent proxy available in the streaming bundle?


  83. Hi
    I struggle understanding how VPN’s are implemented but I have managed to get Torguard set up on a modified Asus router and can specify which of my internal IP addresses route via the VPN. I have to use an alternative firmware based on Merlin, it is Gnuton1 firmware.

    I believe that Wireguard would be a better ‘protocol’ to use, don’t know if Torguard support it yet – could you help with a tutorial/guide/advice on using it?

    Mac Owens

      1. As always, things are slightly more complicated! The reason I am using an Asus router is that as well as VPN, I use it in a Mesh setup, I can specify an IP anywhere in the house to route via any Mesh node to use the VPN.

        I have a Gl-iNet travel router but in this instance I want to use my Asus router with wireguard. I have now heard that there is a beta Merlin firmware for Asus that supports wireguard – but I have also heard that it needs a router that supports a V4 Linux Kernel!

  84. I thought that you would like to know that in the support ticket section of TorGuard it has the following message:

    “Support Response Times
    Dear TorGuard Users
    Due to the success of our recent sale, our support desk response times are a little longer than normal, please bear with us we will get to you as fast as we can
    Thanks for your patience.

    I’m not sure if this means they were recently sold or not? Have you heard anything about this?

  85. TorGuard and Raspberry PI

    For those interested TorGuard has a beta graphical interface for the Raspberry PI Raspbian operating system. To my knowledge this is only now one of two VPN providers that has a GUI interface for Raspberry PI, and there appear to be developing it very quickly.

    It might be worth you doing a video on this Tom. It sounds like it might be out of beta soon!!!

    Take care,


  86. Hi Tom,
    Congrats for your work, great stuff.

    I would appreciate if you can help me. Im currently using TorGuard but would like to add a VPN router for extra security of all my devices besides laptop and mobile (e.g. apple tv, smartwatches, etc).

    Privaterouter website is currently empty when looking for info of routers available. Only GL.iNet routers are offered.

    Can you recommend an VPN router mainly for streaming (e.g. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, Tidal). I live in a small/medium flat. I download from now and then but not main usage.

    I have looked things like Ubiquity DreamMachine but not quite sure which device will be best for my TorGuard usage.

    Appreciate your help.


  87. Good day!
    My 6-month subscription with the TorGuard Streaming bundle will now come to an end. I am looking to subscribing in a VPN service again whether it will be TorGuard or WeVPN. I already have an account in WeVPN but I don’t know how to subscribe to their yearly subscription with your discount code. It is prompting me to create another account. If I login to my WeVPN account, the discounted pricing of yours are not showing.
    Is there any way that I can subscribe to WeVPN using your discount pricing of $29.88 per year and using my already created account?

  88. I am discovering that to operate a whole home VPN via a router is quite tough on the router, there are quite a few tutorial on running a VPN ‘Server’ on a Raspberry Pi and a few describing using a Pi as a VPN Router in addition to a main router – would you recommend this approach? Can you point me in the direction of a good tutorial for a near layman to use?


  89. Girls: When are you born what’s your horoscope?
    Guys: I dont believe in such nonesense.

  90. Hi Tom,

    I don’t think that your list is trusworthy at all. Looking at the criteria you have used to come up with this list, it seems obvious that you have ignored the most important features when choosing a vpn: encryption protocols, audits undertaken by the vpn provider, location (5 eyes), etc. Relying on price, application, speed (relative to each device, internet provider, setup…), etc. is misleading because you focus on characteristics from a consumer’s point of view and not from a security- and privacy-concious user, and that’s the key reason why people want to use vpns. Your criteria and your list may be useful when the user has already made their choice based on the privacy and security provided by the vpn.


    1. Most vpns have the same encryption protocols. Most ever VPN is “secure” from a secure standpoint. I take a look at a VPN’s history of security which falls in the reputation category. That I believe, is more important. Has a VPN had security vulnerabilities, has a VPN given away logs? etc…

      5 eyes is not important. I talked to the CEO of oVPN about this–and I think he knows more than you or me about jurisdiction since he was sued in Sweden (part of the 14 eyes) and didn’t have to give away info.

      Audits are also meaningless since most every single VPN chooses the auditor, chooses when it happens, and even pays the company for the audit.

      1. Thanks for your answer. I agree with you, but I still think that we should avoid the 5 eyes, at least. Even if the vpns located in those countries make a commitment not to keep logs, they can be easily forced to by the ‘authorities’ and, by law, they cannot warn their users while doing it. Sweden is part of the 14-eye alliance and maybe rules are less strict in that country than those that apply to the 5-eye. On the other hand, that does not mean that Nord or Express are ‘safe’; although they are not in the 14-eye, Panama is under the influence of US and the British Virgin Islands under that of the UK. Switzerland and Israel are also ‘cooperative’ countries in terms of sharing information with the 14-eyes (Proton, Cyberghost…). Are we safe anywhere?

  91. Hello, Tom.

    After watching your reviews, I decided to use TorGuard. Thank you.
    I noticed that I cannot print the screen while using TorGuard.
    I can print the screen if I disconnect TorGuard.
    Is it normal?

  92. Hello Tom, stumbled across your website while looking for wireguard vpns, love your videos, nice to see some honest reviews not just glorified paid adverts.

    So torquard seems to be your biggest recommendation, so I’m gonna give it a go… I’m not sure if I should get the basic vpn or the streaming one, but I can’t see me ever watching Netflix from a different country really… Is that the only difference?

    Would you recommend running wireguard at router level, I’m using a RPi4 as a router with Openwrt software which has wireguard integration, or would I be best to run apps on devices that need the VPN, chromebook and shield tv specifically..

    Cheers for everything, keep safe.

    Tom (from the UK)

    1. Yes the basic bundle is fine for most people, something like 80% who don’t care about streaming restrictions, or turn their VPN off to do so. WireGuard can be ran decent at a router level but the max speeds are somewhere between 50 mbps to 100 mbps–not really a restriction of TorGuard, but moreso a restriction on how routers can handle the throughput of VPN. For best speeds, you can use wireguard on PC or even phones.

  93. It seems there is different sides relating to torguard. My concern is them being based in the US and using Google cloudflare and opendns as their primary DNS. Should this be a concern? I dont hear it mentioned much in the youtube reviews.

    1. You probably saw that in Techlore’s review. He doesn’t really do his research and he has a personal bias against TorGuard.

      It uses its own DNS which is secure, and provides options for other DNS if you choose. And in terms of jurisdiction, watch this where an actual VPN ceo says it doesnt matter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eefhFELBIc

  94. Hi Tom,
    Thank you for your reviews, they are excellent and have been very helpful to me in choosing my first VPN. I’m considering getting Torguard, but I’ve learned that I will need to spend an extra $10 a month on a US IP addon to unlock Netflix (and possibly Amazon Prime and HBO Max) in the US, even though I live in the United States. I’ve found that by using ExpressVPN, I can access the same streaming sites in the US as well as Netflix in other countries without paying any additional fees. What are your thoughts on which VPN to choose in terms of streaming? I want to go with Torguard based on your recommendations, but it seems that it will be much more costly to do so. Whatever VPN I choose, I will definitely click on one of your affiliate links. Thanks again.

  95. Hi Tom,
    Never mind the question I submitted about an hour ago about streaming Netflix. I see you answered it above. I will get the Tourgard bundle using your code. Thanks very much.

  96. Hi Tom,

    You have fantastic content here. I noticed on your spreadsheet (that’s great material – thanks again) you don’t rate the privacy each VPN offers. Is this because they are on a similar level or because it’s not something that people would be after? I’m look for a VPNs that are better on Privacy (as well as the rest of the rating you gave). What would you recommend?
    I was told that VPNs buy the IP addresses and if someone was to look up the underlying owner of the IP address they could see that the owner is the VPN company. I was wondering whether there was any that takes it a step further perhaps?
    New into the VPN world, please excuse any ignorance.

    1. Most VPNs are private to the most same degree. If you want the most private application, you need a VPN that comes as close as to 5/5 in the application section. These apps provide more control, settings, etc that add to your privacy overall.

  97. Hi Tom,

    I wish to tell you that I just recently found your website and reviews. They’re great. Your work is great and, even if I sometimes feel a bit of partiality, it doesn’t get me to leave because it’s normal in a certain way. For the 90% to 99% of what I read and listen, I found it really useful and neutral. That’s incredible. Continue in this way.

    Now, I know your favorite VPN is Torguard. Honestly, I am looking at it for me right now to replace Surfshark (which works flawlessly for me) because I get more concerned in the last years about looking at the background of my VPN. Surfshark isn’t the worst in the matter, but surely not as good as I wish. That is why Torguard appeal me. I did some search on its service after listening your review and feel confident enough that its users are served with respect of their sayings to make the jump.

    But there is a catch… Torguard Streaming IP are limited to some regions. Mine, Canada, isn’t covered… So, I will have many problems using it transparently without an IP that can be used with streaming services, even from my own region. I’m often listening to Netflix and use a Canadian exclusive service provided by a local telecom company. Both will surely be blocked if I’m protected by the VPN. I have received a confirmation from Torguard that I’m right. I didn’t subscribe too fast by just listening to your review to make my opinion. I’m happy to have taken caution and look deeper in the service specifics. I’m not angry, but concerned about the rating you gave them. I believe they may owed it for all the covered regions by Streaming IP, but, for the rest of the world, it may be lower. It’s not a killing problem to all, but, to me, yes. I don’t suggest you to lower their score necessarily, but to think about it at least. I think you have to make a clear announce about it though. If you don’t, you could make people living in the uncovered countries make a wrong choice by relying just on confidence about your opinion.

    I hope you won’t be chocked by my comment. I have a great opinion about your Tier List and will continue to use it as a part of my tools to make my thoughts about VPN services. I love your different approach.

    1. If you have to use VPN and are worried in this case that your home country could be blocked, perhaps try WeVPN or PrivateVPN.

      1. Yes, I’m looking to your other tier 1 Nd top tier 2. I will try to look through these and preferably choose one mentioned in your RVP section.

      2. Yes, that’s what I’m doing now. These 2 plus your top tier 2. I still think that you should mention that people who may need streaming options in countries outsides the 6 covered by Torguard Streaming IP will fall short of options. It’s nicer to know that before paying. It avoids the fuss of asking for a refund…

  98. At present time I”m using Norton 360 with built in VPN. If VPN is running I can’t log into my accounts that require login. If I turn off the VPN everything is OK, VPN is probably logging from another place. Does TorGuard have a work around for this problem?

  99. Yes, I’m looking to your other tier 1 Nd top tier 2. I will try to look through these and preferably choose one mentioned in your RVP section.

  100. Yes, I’m looking to your other tier 1 Nd top tier 2. I will try to look through these and preferably choose one mentioned in your RVP section.

    However, I still believe that it should be taken into account for your review of Torguard. Not just for my country, but for numerous countries that will be in this case. At least mentioned.

  101. Tom
    I enjoy seeing your basic review that you do. Thank you for all you do. I subscribed to several VPN providers on the list. I been trying to unblock geoblocks to get video content from a certian European country to here in USA. Of the ones I tried WeVPN, PrivateVPN, ExpressVPN, Mulvad. Of those PrivateVPN fails in that aspect. There other three work however ExpressVPN suffers from speed issues noticed when trying to stream from that European country to USA. The other perform decently. However I will probably settle on ExpressVPN and WeVPN. I know you only focus onUSA content being unblocked in USA but just thought I report my findings.

  102. Hey Tom!
    Do you plan to review Secure Tunnel VPN (also known as Confirmed VPN)? It seems to be very transparent as it claims to be the first “Openly Operated VPN”. I honestly don’t understand much of these concepts but I think you would like to take a look on this one 😉

    1. Haven’t heard much about it. It’s my policy generally to only review VPNs that are up and coming, or already established.

  103. Hi Tom,

    I’m trying to sign up for TorGuard, but they don’t seem to allow special characters in the password? Do you know anything about this?

  104. Can you please dig a little in ProtonVPN and investigate why the new version pings our IP adresse to the proton API?

    They clearly state on their website:

    “None of the software on our apps will ever access or track any location-based information from your device at any time.”

    The ip is only marked with setting the last segment to .0 but that is still information enough for location data.

    And to be able for the app to mask that, it have to access the data they say their app doesn’t access…

    Please dig deep!

    1. Probly not. I don’t like to deal with that company because anytime i make criticism they get mad and threaten to sue me. lul

  105. I do have a question regarding TorGuard, is it safe to leave it connected in the background and just go about whatever I’m doing that day?

  106. does torguard really need dedicated ip for iptv use? i dont really care a whole lot about geo wise with netflix. im mainly looking for use on iptv services. thanks

    1. im not sure. havent tested it much with iptv specific niche things. i know streaming bundle is needed for common streaming services like netflix, hulu etc…

  107. This list is all over the place. How you came up with these scores does not value to privacy? It’s just a list with VPN based off not much.

  108. Hey Tom,

    Is torrent download speed test is accurate ?
    I think it is not accurate because speed depends on no of active peers of the torrent file

  109. There’s athing that needs to be corrected. VyprVPN as a score of 2.90 here, but the video review ends with a score of 3.3. It’s confusing.

  110. Hi, Tom.
    Can you tell me if the creation of new accounts on sites like Outlook, Google, Twitter and others using TorGuard are blocked because the shared IPs are already known?
    Is there also a problem with websites constantly asking for captcha?

  111. Hi Tom,
    I’ve been a fan of your channel for so long now, and I appreciate your content a lot.
    On your advice, I used TorGuard VPN for about two to three months and it was great.
    But unfortunately, it’s not working properly lately. And it’s completely understandable due to the region that I live in.
    I live in Iran and most VPN services here don’t work as they should be.
    I wanted to get your opinion on using other VPN services. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  112. So I recently used your information to get Cactus VPN and I am thrilled with the information you have put out. I shared this information with a few family members and one of them brought to my attention that they are using a company called Signal Secure. I was wondering if you might be willing to do a review on them as well as she is curious about your thoughts.

  113. Hi Tom,

    I just got TorGuard per your recommendation and I cannot bypass Amazon Prime. I have to say I’m quite disappointed with the speed and the fact that it can’t unblock some of the streaming services (Prime, Disney +). I live in Indonesia, connected to UK server using OpenVPN. Would love to get your advice. At this stage I want to ask for a refund…


    1. Prime and Disney + is USA restricted. Why would it work on a UK server? Make sure to watch my streaming bundle guides. If you haven’t purchased that, and are tired of TG, try WeVPN with code “tomspark”.

  114. I watched your videos and chose TorGuard. I picked the quarterly plan. Downloaded and installed.

    On my very first run of the software. This happened.

    WireGuard: Could not connect to VPN Server: SSL Handshake Failure

    Just started to use and I am already having to search forums to find the solution. Not impressed.
    I chose Open VPN and it is working. Any idea what is going on before I uninstall and ask for a refund?


    1. Uninstall other VPNs you may have. Restore TG to default and try a new server. Reinstall TG and try again. If you’re using a phone make sure to use up to date OS and hardware.

      Sounds like and is probably a user error. I wouldn’t blame it on TG.

      1. Okay, Thanks! Appreciate the quick response. I received the following from support.

        Please click More Settings-> Restore Defaults -> Save on the VPN app.

        Then Click More Settings -> General tab -> Refresh servers list -> Save and reboot app.

        Check if the same issue persists.

        Kind Regards

        TorGuard Advanced Support

        It’s working now. Thanks! Yes, user error. Sorry for being grouchy! Great channel.

        1. One last question. I have the streaming package. I was going to choose the UK IP and the France IP so we can watch the Netflix libraries in those countries. Is there any reason I would want to choose the USA IP address since we are already in the USA? I can only assume the USA IP is for those living across the pond or in South America.

  115. The best for me was and still is PrivateVPN, but there is one bug, if you configure VPN on the Router with the firmware OpenWRT, Tomato, DD-WRT, stream services such as Peackock, Disney+, Amazon Prime stop open correctly.Can anyone check this bug. Everything works fine through the app, but not through the router. By the way Netflix works correctly, but Amazon, Disney and Peackock do not work. Other than that, it’s an excellent VPN.

      1. That’s the thing, support has been unable to resolve this issue for a week. My main router is a Linksys 1900ACS. I put OpenWRT and DD-WRT of different versions on it, the result is the same. Also I have an old router Asus N66-U with Tomato 2016 firmware, especially found it in the closet. There, too, a similar problem. That’s what I wanted to know about this bug. I have even changed the provider (connected through a radio hotspot to my smartphone). This is the only bug I have in this VPN. Maybe it is only me who has this bug. So if it is possible to check any region (for example USA, Dublin, Greece etc.) through the router I would be very grateful.

  116. Hi Tom,
    I’m curious why you rate TorGuard so highly when they are owned by a company based in the U.S. This means that they are bound to comply with U.S. privacy laws which we all know to be some of the most invasive. The U.S. has already forced several VPN companies to hand over their user’s logs for the feds. TorGuard could be forced to do the same some day, if they aren’t already.

  117. New to ‘VPN’ stuff. Your information is the best I have found. Still somewhat dumfounded by all the choices. Want the best trouble free, pay and play choice. Don’t know ‘streaming’. Do you have a Tier list for Android boxes?
    Thank you for all the useful information.

  118. hi tom
    your explanation and clarity excellent. i watched your all videos in YouTube. which vpn or proxy is best for fresh residential IPs. can you explained. and also i saw your vpntirelist its also not mentioned residential IPs given vpn or proxy.

  119. Hey Tom, I’m new here and didn’t understand how this worked fully. Super good information from you, thanks. But “Total AV” is rated pretty good as an antivirus, I’ve been using it for a while and as far as I can tell it does a pretty good job. I wasn’t happy with Norton, Avast or McAfee and total AV blows them out of the water IMO. There is a VPN that you can buy for extra, can do OpenVPN and IKEv2, can also add a firewall on top.

    I would be interested in your opinion on Total AV, either as a whole or just the VPN. Others and I would rather do it all in one program, but is it worth it?

    If you can do a review, that’d be lovely. If not, no worries. Thanks!

  120. Hi Sir Tom! I have difficulty choosing between oVPN and TorGuard. I think oVPN is more transparent than the other but TorGuard is much cheaper than oVPN. Also, TorGuard has an upcoming update for their apps in IOS, Android, and Windows. On the other hand, oVPN has only wireguard supported app in android and OpenVPN supported app in Windows. What do you think should I choose?

    1. TG is higher in the tier list and is more well-rounded. oVPN is a great option but the speeds can suffer a bit sometimes and isn’t as feature rich. watch each review and decide 🙂

  121. Cloud Storage tier list or best ones to use?

    Also any suggestions for a free one?

    Sry I’m reposting this you didn’t answer.

  122. I have read very bad comments about vypervpn from different sources. When they get a DMCA notice, they suspend your account and they don’t even deny that. How do they know the account if they don’t log information. I would suggest reconsidering vypervpn’s score. They have a very bad reputation.

    1. I talked with VyprVPN support as well and They told me they Forward Copyright Complaints to Customers, Vyprvpn Claims no logs but they do keep enough logs to track users to forward Complaints. I also googled it and there is other Customers who have Complained about this exact thing … Not sure why a logging VPN makes tier 1 the other tier 1 options are all awesome! but Vypr is not fully no logs and they do not condone any type of copyright abuse for which they send any complains to their customers , Support just sent me a link to the TOS and Privacy Policy and they quoted the part about no Copyright Infringement etc etc so yah its a good VPN for LEGAL use ONLY. Bad for torrenting/iptv/anything else.

  123. Services like NBA League Pass international has really gotten hard to use with Torguard or other VPN services. The last tutorial video you did for this was almost 3 years ago. The only current solution I have found is by having to completely clear all of my chrome history and turn off all of chrome ad blocker extension. Close and re open chrome, then while connected to a VPN connect to nba and nba league pass India’s website and re accept cookies and then I am able to log in and get access to the live stream of the game I want to watch. This really is a pain in the ass to the deal with each time.

  124. You should review kaspersky vpn and i do like you tier list i did not see it on here and i want to help out. personal i use wevpn but did not see kaspersky vpn so i thought you should review it and if you did review let me know if I’m wrong and let me know the score but if not i think you should review it

  125. Will you add data around the performance across different providers with Wireguard protocol and if it supports the manual config with router installation? Eg Torguard, wevpn have this but not all, and a KPI on whether it supports streaming


  126. According to your experience, I need a VPN to give many sites. With update after the days.
    I need it to work don’t worry

  127. Wevpn buffers with iptv they need to fine tune speeds and add more protocols like Ikev2 and let you switch security from aes to chaha. On Android tv wevpn buffers on everything but surfshark does not its real unfortunate because I would rather be a life time customer of wevpn can you bring this up to them thanks tom.

  128. Wouldn’t ever go back to VPNCity. They offer a good software for the raspberry pi to use a vpn router but sadly none of their servers worked for me in my location, they didn’t respond to emails and also had to open a paypal dispute.

  129. Hey Tom, I would like to hear Your opinion on companies owning data centers and physical servers used by VPNs. How can we be sure that a company like M247 (one of the largest server providers for VPN companies) is trustworthy and doesn`t log or sell users data somehow ? I doubt that someone from Torguard, WeVPN or any other company is constantly present next to their rented servers. This IMO creates a huge problem in terms of trust because You have to rely on Your VPN company and every other party owning the physical servers and nobody talks about their reputation. From what I`ve seen only VyprVPN claims to own 100 % of their infrastructure but they didn`t provide a list of real locations. Anyway shouldn`t this be an important factor in rating a VPN company or letting it in the RVP program or not ?

  130. Hi Tom, I appreciate what you’re doing here with this site and your YouTube channel. It’s really helped me narrow down the minefield of vpn’s out there. I ended up deciding to go with Wevpn based on your conclusions. The only issue is they won’t let me sign up. Every time I got to put in my info, it says that due to fraud, they are allowing sign-ups while using a VPN or proxy. This problem is, I don’t have either of those set up currently. I’ve tried multiple devices and internet connections with the same result. Is this a common occurrence and what do you feel I should do to solve this issue? They really sounded like a good service so I’d hate for this to be the roadblock stopping me from using it. Also, tech support was no help at all. They basically had not answer for what was going on.


  131. Hey Tom, is your discount on tor guard or other vpn reusable? Like, I use your 50% discount in one month to test and if I like, I use again your 50% discount on 3 years.

  132. I subscribed for WeVPN using TomSpark for a 10% discount. So far so good, I use it to play my local Singpore Lottery as I am based overseas.

  133. vypr vpn is keeping fake countdown timers from February,
    it violated your rules

    -Not participate in black hat affiliate marketing, paid VPN reviews, CPA deals, or misleading marketing tactics such as limited time countdown timers.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I will contact VyprVPN and request information or removal. If they do not comply, I will remove them from the program.

        1. Because I don’t monitor the comments 24/7 on this site? Relax kid, your negative comment has been published.

  134. Please note that Torguard does not have the split tunnel option.
    Also, the speed of their servers is not so impressive. I’m using an other VPN provider too and the speed I have achieved with their servers was about 10% faster with OpenVPN UDP compared to Torguard Wireguard’s connection. Servers used for the tests were in my country and the surrounding countries.

  135. Hey there Tom!
    I wanna ask you to review F-secure, a friend of mine started buying bunch of these gift card just to extend his subscription to for a few years so, i wanna you do a review on this VPN given i have some sneaky sus about that VPN so, i wanna see you take look at it & give it a review if you haven’t already!
    You are pretty much the best & most reliable VPN reviewer given your history of reviewing a lot of VPN & those reviews getting good feedback! 😀

    1. its now just listed on the tier list page at the top. the site got reorganized a bit since i want to keep it as simple as possible.

  136. Hi Tom. After I watched your TorGuard vs WeVPN video on your Youtube channel I decided to subcribe for WeVPN with your promo code. I am living in Istanbul, Turkey and I can say that WeVPN is blazing fast. I cancelled my NordVPN and ExpressVPN subcriptions. Now I am using Surfshark and WeVPN. Both are blazing fast, super. Both working good with Netflix. Next time I would like to try TorGuard too. Your reviews are really great, thanks bro 🙂

  137. Hi Tom,
    It’s been one month since I have asking for a refund….every time they claim that their payment systems are being upgraded hence cannot refund now. They have changed the TAT so many times ; the latest TAT is May 12.

    I am losing hope ; could you Plz help me….is there any systems upgradation going on or they don’t want to refund.

    Plz help me….it really need my money back.

  138. Hi Tom,
    I really need you help. I am chasing VyprVPN for my refund. Every time I ask for a refund, they say that their systems are being upgraded, so i have wait for like 2 weeks. This is the 6th week, and they are still giving the same reason. The latest TAT is 12 May. I won’t be surprised if the date gets extended this time as well.

    Please help . Are they really having some system / payment upgradation OR are they lying to me ?

    1. Not sure here. I’ve talked with them recently about some pricing tricks and they’ve given me the same answer. AS a result, I downgraded their reputation and removed them from my RVP. I don’t think anything nefarious is going on, but it seems like the company could be restructuring or something.

  139. Hey Tom,
    I found a deal about Keepsolid Unlimited for a lifetime subscription for under $40. Should I consider it?

  140. Hello,
    I bought and installed TorGuard and I did not have any problems. A little while ago I updated to their latest release. Big mistake. The VPN was relilable. Now it frequently loses connection with the VPN server. It did not do this on the old version. Torguard had me do the following:
    Please click Gear like Settings icon on Torguard app
    Then Network tab
    Uncheck ” Disable interface default route”
    Make sure the “block outside DNS” box is unchecked ( Windows Only )
    Check “ Refresh Local DNS cache and click both Refresh cache and Clean Cache buttons.
    Uncheck – Look up server hostname when connecting
    Under ” Use this static DNS ” Set ” When VPN connected” to Google
    Set System DNS to Google
    DNS state recovery to auto recover
    Click Save and then reboot app.
    I did this and it still cuts out. Also I had a program tied to the kill switch. The kill switch did not work. I think I am going to have to find another VPN.

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