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  1. hi tom
    on your advice i bought torguard a few months ago and had no problems using it on my firestick 4k; i was quite pleased with it in fact. however i only recently bought an x96 max + s905x3 android box based on decent reviews on youtube and elsewhere and also because it has a gigabit ethernet port. sadly torguard just does not work on this box. i contacted torguard support who have been very helpful and they told me that they were aware of the problem and would release a fix soon. this they did; on feb 19th they released torguard apk v. 1.56.2 so naturally i installed it but with the same results; namely you can only connect to one country (in my case the uk) and it knocks off ethernet so you can only use wifi…thinking the box itself might be at fault i managed to blag a free trial of express vpn on the box and it worked no probs..as i’ve already paid for torguard looks like i’m going to have to return the box. i’m now worried that if i buy a different model of android box the same thing may happen again…what box(es) did you test torguard on and what were your results? cheers colin

    • Hi Colin, thanks for the comment.

      I’m not too sure about TG on Android boxes. I think TorGuard does have great support on most Android boxes. I tested it on the Nvidia Shield and it worked.

      I usually tend to recommend TG with us for Fire sticks and fire TV devices and it works well there ( and I have done videos on it).

      However if another VPN like ExpressVPN works, then perhaps consider using that as ur main VPN (even if its more expensive, not as fast etc)…

  2. Any reason vpntierlist hasn’t been updated with new scores of windscribe and express VPN. The new score actually makes windscribe a tier 1 VPN

    • The site always reflects the newest most up to date scores. Windscribe is an excellent service–one of the best, but the community is too hostile (and downright toxic) and the support is almost non existent.

      I posted my score to their forums and whatnot, and was only met with outright hostility, and some users tried to doxx me, so I lowered the score.

      • sorry for misjudging that.
        And a friendly request:
        Any chance your speedtest could include smartphones too(Android for sure and IPhone if possible)

        • I don’t think it would be that needed. Most of the fast VPN speeds will directly carry over to your phone since it’s using the same servers…

        • just one another question
          are there any good tech blogs you can recommend that do proper reviews of most security tools and services

  3. Hi Tom,
    I took your recommendation and purchased 2 years from TorGuard, I only used it for you tube tv steaming service and it worked fine for 4 months until yesterday , both my fixed streaming ip bundle I was provided was not connecting . I informed TorGuard support who informed me that the data enter crashed and they assigned me 2 new fixed ips . One of the fixed ip provided did not allow me access to you tube tv ( lucky one still did , if not I wasted 2 years of subscription cost ) I informed TorGuard support of that non working you tube tv ip address. and support told me that they do not support you tube tv!

    In the future, ( note to myself , I must check what streaming service does that vpn service support ); cause support said they cannot guarantee the ip fixed will work with you tube tv. They won’t even want to replace that ip to a different ip address without a $4 cost which they cannot guarantee will work with you tube tv.

    Can you advise or provide any tips with you tube tv and TorGuard or any in sights what is happening ? Thanks

    • Hi this is an unfortunate reality that some services will block every single IP out there–or block VPNs from a fundamental level. IF a service won’t work with a unique streaming IP, then no VPN will really work. If you want you can try other VPNs, but I won’t expect that much success with a VPN if EVEN a streaming IP can’t unblock it.

  4. Hi Tom,
    Could you please explain why 1 of the streaming IP address will work while the other Did not even though IP address show location shows USA region . I am fortunate that one up works but was curious why the other did not.

    Also can you shed some thoughts whether I should pay $4 to replace the ip address given that torguard cannot guarantee ; TorGuard cannot guarantee support of you tube tv per technician /sales .

    Lastly, technically why does some vpn provider support ( example express vpn ) you tube tv and some don’t (TorGuard )? Thanks for your advise ?

    • Already answered that in the FAQ page.

      Q: I’ve seen some people say you work for VPN companies like TorGuard. Is that true?


      Some of my competitors or VPNs who don’t like my reviews, like to slander me claiming that I work for VPN companies, but that is not true. In fact, some of the VPNs trying to smear me are currently in legal battles with other VPNs in an effort to remove honest reviews.

      After writing articles for several tech companies (gaming, VPN, PC security, gadget reviews, food reviews, etc) for nearly a year from 2014-2015, I found my love writing about VPNs, and started my own company. In the winter of 2015 when I started Best10VPN.com (my old review site), I cut ties to any former gaming, tech or VPN companies I had submitted guest posts to, and began work full time on creating my VPN review empire.

      For the nearly 5 years I’ve been reviewing VPNs, I’ve never taken one sponsored blog post or worked for any VPN company.

    • Torguard’s streaming bundle is my most recommended option with code “netflix”. Gets you two IPs and its unblockable.

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