VPN Tier List 2.0

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S Tier: 50 – 60 points

These VPNs are the best products to use.

WeVPN (54.24), TorGuard (53.0)

A Tier: 40-50 points

These VPNs do very well, but miss the mark in a few areas.

PrivateVPN (43.72), Surfshark (42.52), CactusVPN (41.26)

B Tier: 30-40 points

These VPNs are perfectly useable, but need more improvements in most areas.

NordVPN (39.58), ExpressVPN (34.65), IPVanish (36.76), AtlasVPN (33.94)

C Tier: 20-30 points

iVPN (29.91), oVPN (28.04), ProtonVPN (25.35)

These VPNs need a ton of improvements to become a viable recommendation.

D Tier: 0-20 points

These VPNs are a long way off from being a fully complete VPN package.

Privacy Violations:

These VPNs have violated the privacy of the VPN Tier List founder.

Windscribe (39.89)

The CEO of Windscribe posted private DMs in attempt to make me look bad. Unfortunately, it just back fired and made Windscribe look horrible in their attempts to cover up their own failed attempts at properly securing their users. They also violated my trust and privacy by sharing a private conversation.

Transparent Updates:

ExpressVPN – 9/13/2021

ExpressVPN nerfed in the privacy audit due to selling company.

Streaming Updates – 9/08/2021

Shifted some scores around due to more and more VPNs having issues with streaming services.

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