Transparency Report 2.0

8/18/2021 CactusVPN Minor Adjustment

I forgot that CactusVPN has obfuscation through their OpenVPN protocol. Gave them .76 points for that. They also clarified they do support split tunneling on Android + fire sticks, but I was looking for it on PC. 

8/14/2021 Video Update

I made a video updating you guys on the changes I made today for the 2.0 system as well as additional clarification. 

8/14/2021 Updated Scoring for Pricing Section

I added 8+ simultaneous connections as a requirement to be built into pricing. 

8/14/2021 Updated Scoring for Application Section

I decided to round out the application section a bit more, adding some more details I will be looking for. This slightly changed TorGuard’s score, and ended up in making the overall aggregate score for the ranking system a bit less than 60, which is a bit awkward, but oh well. 


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