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TorGuard VPN has long been the underdog in my opinion. It’s frequently rated low on other review sites due to its “clunky nature” or “hard to use interface” or “lack of transparency” because it didn’t spend thousands of dollars on a pre-arranged audit.

TorGuard Reviewers ignore TorGuard’s terrific speeds, industry low pricing, and amazing customer support and instead focus on reasons they can underscore the VPN because it doesn’t pay for reviews and only offers 30% commissions and is not profitable for most review websites like PCMag or CNET to promote.

So why am I seemingly the ONLY reviewer in existence to enjoy and recommend TorGuard? Let’s find out in this unbiased and honest TorGuard Review!

Pricing 5/5


TorGuard has a complex pricing system, but at the same time, it’s also simple. They give you lots of options at a decent price, and it’s made VERY affordable by generous discount codes provided all year.

They have base prices and these prices are influenced by my discount codes. These codes are not unique in any way, and any reviewer can make them. In fact, you can use other codes besides mine that give you the same discounts! However, no other reviewer mentions these codes because they like to score TorGuard down by saying it has a high price. Code “tomspark” gives 50% the base anonymous VPN package, code “tompro” gives 50% off the VPN Pro package, and code “netflix” gives 50% off the streaming bundle.

This means the base price for the VPN is around $5 a month or $30 a year, with 8 simultaneous connections. This price beats any other VPN in the industry for the price. Secondly, the VPN Pro bundle is an amazing deal since you can get a dedicated IP with the package for only around $7 a month or $48 a year. Dedicated IPs are great for tricking websites into thinking you aren’t using a VPN (useful in certain websites that block VPNs).

Lastly, the streaming bundle gives you TWO streaming IPs that you can use to unblock Netflix and other services. I’ve long since found these IPs are the most reliable method to unblocking streaming services since you are the only one using the IPs. Sometimes they do get blocked, but TorGuard does replace them free of charge if that is the case. Keep in mind, you can’t refund this plan since the IPs are uniquely given to you and not refundable for that reason.

Overall, TorGuard’s pricing system has more complexity than other VPN options out there, and for this reason, it can be confusing for newcomers. I think I’ve laid it out for you to understand fairly easily enough. The good thing is that once you understand the options, it’s actually better for you as a customer. Maybe you can save a few bucks if you don’t need to use a VPN with Netflix–whereas other VPNs don’t allow that option and only have one pricing plan.

Other good things about TorGuard is that they provide a wide variety of plans in terms of commitment model, and they are all affordable (which is different than other VPNs that purely push you towards 3 year plans). They also allow a wide variety of crypto payment options (but no PayPal cause they are dicks). In fact, TorGuard VPN was the first transaction on the Bitcoin lightning network which is a really cool factoid.

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App 4.5/5

TorGuard’s application is probably the most controversial component of the VPN. TorGuard has been a company since around 2013, and since then, the application has largely functioned the same and looked the same with only minor UI color changes.

This is both a good, and a bad thing. The good news is that TorGuard has always lead the pack in security and customization, providing users a VAST array of settings to configure. You can find things like an application AND network kill switch, DNS and port options, WireGuard support, OpenVPN customization (you can change the cipher and encryption strength), obfuscation options, proxy options, dedicated IP support, and much more. You can compare TorGuard’s options in the app to others in this application analysis page.

Overall, would say that besides Private Internet Access, TorGuard gets the closest to what I would find to be a “perfect app” in terms of what settings it offers to VPN users to take advantage of.

Some reviews like to point out that Torguard is missing features by ignoring actual settings like I mentioned and say that it lacks things NordVPN has like “double VPN” or “tor over VPN”–but these things are largely never used since the speed impact is huge and these features are mainly used as a marketing fluff. However, these same reviews FAIL to mention that TorGuard is literally one of the ONLY VPNs to have a fully supported Linux GUI (something NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark all don’t have).

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Speeds 5/5

TorGuard has always been the fastest VPN in my tests. Lots of people have criticized this finding by pointing out that speed tests around the world vary. This is true to an extent, but not as much as you might think.

Other websites criticize TorGuard’s speed by making fake graphs and not showing live real tests. Keep in mind that if you don’t see a VPN test LIVE, then its highly likely that the reviewer altered the speeds in the graph to stick to their narrative so they can promote higher commission VPNs.

However, that said, some tests have leaked through the cracks to verify my findings. PCMag sort of messed up, and posted results that showed TorGuard gave them the fastest speeds as well. Not only that, but Duckduckgo uses TorGuard as their main VPN at their company, which means they also must get good speeds.

I did a global speed test with my channel with around 12 viewers, and we tested most of the popular VPNs in various locations. The findings found out that overall, TorGuard is the fastest followed by WeVPN–which is exactly how my tests have performed.

Now in 2021, WireGuard support with TorGuard has been polished and its still just as fast. I’ve been doing speed tests with various VPNs, and TorGuard can download a 2.4 GB ubuntu file in 52 seconds or so.

Another point I would like to make. Some people mistake having more servers to having more speed. But smaller or medium sized VPNs like TorGuard don’t need as many servers to provide amazing speeds since the servers aren’t overloaded. I also believe that VPNs that spend less on marketing, or don’t have free plans, generally have faster speeds overall.

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Reputation 5/5

TorGuard is part of the RVP which means it gets 5/5 for reputation. It has no major security leaks or history of trying to hide them. It doesn’t use CPA deals or paid reviews, it doesn’t own any fake review sites, and it’s transparent with its userbase.

Other reviews criticize TorGuard for not having a clear privacy policy. However, it’s clear to me, and clearly just a point to underscore the VPN. It collect no logs, and never has, and there has never been any news or customer data been given up for the 8 years its in business. This makes it more trustworthy than most VPNs in my opinion, because most VPNs that have been around that long, have at least some instances of sketchiness going on.

Another marketing point other reviewers love to say is that TorGuard needs a “public audit” or needs to be “open source” to be trustworthy. This is the trending thing, since several VPNs that lost customer trust use audits as a way to gain back customer trust.

TorGuard is audited all the time, and they’ve said as such. In fact, they’ve been auditing themselves since 2014. The difference is, TorGuard isn’t hiring a company to make a PR blog post announcement.

In terms of open source, well most VPNs that are “open source” are just open sourcing the UI and app, not the backend. The important part is to know if your VPN collects logs or sends stuff to authorities. Open sourcing an application that uses open source protocols doesn’t do much.

So next time you see a VPN bragging about it’s open source and audited nature, or a reviewer using that to boast a VPN’s “reputation”, remember these things are not as important as a long history of giving away NO logs, and transparent company who doesn’t buy reviews.

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Support 5/5

TorGuard’s support is VERY VERY good. Want to know how good?

Well, if you make a support ticket, it’s not unusual for the team to reply within 5 minutes. As far as I’ve seen, that is the best response times hands down in the VPN industry, maybe even the tech industry itself.

I made a full video testing it out to show you how quick they respond, and you can see for yourself. One thing is that TorGuard doesn’t have live chat as active as it used to, but I blame that mostly on the pandemic and most other companies have seen this affect as well.

Streaming 5/5

TorGuard has full streaming compatibility with it’s streaming IPs in the streaming bundle. The only weakness is that you sacrifice flexibility for reliability (you cannot for example, have access to 20+ libraries like with some VPNs). It also requires a bit of a first time setup, but I’ve outlined it here for anyone confused.

You only get 2 locations chosen from 6 (USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Japan). For most people, not having to worry about the IPs being blocked is worth not, or not needing to, watch every single Netflix library in existence.

I’ve never personally needed to use anything besides UK and the USA, since the USA version has enough stuff and the UK IP gives me ability to watch BBC iPlayer.

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Conclusion 4.90/5:

TorGuard is as closest as the channel and website as ever gotten to a 5/5.

Is the VPN perfect? No, but it’s close.

The only area it isn’t perfect is because of the application. I won’t argue that the visual appearance isn’t a tad out of date, and or that sometimes the application hangs a bit when connecting–but the reliability and consistency of the app (it never disconnects or has much problems at all) makes up for it.

It’s also missing a few key features like split tunneling, the ability to change settings while connected, or being able to quickly change servers while connected. Mostly usability things. In 2021, the team is also making MAJOR improvements to the app as well, and I’ve made several videos about the new upcoming updates that very well could boost the application to a 5/5.

Not only that, but TorGuard is pretty much perfect in every other category, which no one else really likes to talk about either–because TorGuard doesn’t pay for reviews and it doesn’t it’s affiliates much. In fact, most reviews don’t use pricing or streaming compatibility, or even reputation as a metric–because most VPNs fail in all three areas!

That’s my two cents. Try it out yourself (use my promo codes), and let me know what you think, in the comments below!

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  1. I love torguard! The only bad thing I can say about them is they are not able to unblock DAZN Canada. I have contacted customer support and even they state they do not have IPs that can unblock at this time. For that reason I had to look elsewhere. Once that is fixed they will be my only VPN provider.

      1. The main two that can unblock it is Windscribe and WeVpn. I’ve had ongoing issues with WeVpn and no answer from support via email or discord. Really disappointing since they helped early on.

    1. Privacytools doesn’t “review” VPNs in the same way I do. They haven’t reviewed any actually. Their guidelines and restrictions are very specific and strict. I like Mullvad and iVPN enough, but they don’t qualify to be tier 1 since they are a bit expensive, didn’t want to join the RVP (which means they could be hiding something), and they both don’t work with any streaming services at all. Also, both of these VPNs don’t support honest and transparent affiliates and are too greedy or lazy to make honest affiliate programs.

        1. thats the thing though. most VPNs have a similar level of privacy at the end of the day with small variations. most of the differences in vpns are the pricing, streaming, and customization offered. but I would agree mullvad has less privacy since its admittedly lacking a lot of features and customization other vpns have in their applications.

  2. Torguard is located in one of the five eyes countries, would you still recommend it? Really want to hear your opinion on this because you speak very highly about Torguard

  3. You should note that your code only works for the Anonymous VPN package. I tried to see if it applies to the Biennial Streaming Package and it does not.

    I’m not knocking you it’s just more of an FYI.
    Cheers for all the work you do on this awesome list!

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