Reputable VPN Program

VPNs who are RVP Certified:

CEO David wibergh, OVPN Integritet AB, accepted into RVP 10/01/2020.

CEO Ben Van Pelt, VPNetworks LLC, accepted into RVP 10/01/2020.

CEO Paolo Brini, Air di Paolo Brini, accepted into RVP 10/3/2020.

CEO Yoan Esebag, WeVPN, Ltd, accepted into RVP 12/13/2020.

Official acceptance post about joining the RVP here. 

CEO Martin Muller, Privat Kommunikation Sverige AB, accepted into RVP 1/5/2021.

Official acceptance post about joining the RVP here. 

CEO Sergiu Candja, CactusVPN INC, accepted into RVP 1/27/2021.

Official acceptance post about joining the RVP here

What is the RVP?

This is the official page of the RVP (Reputable VPN Program). 

The primary objective of the RVP is to help VPN customers find VPNs they can trust. With over 100+ VPNs out there in the marketplace– many with anonymous ownership and zero accountability, many with logs handed out, and many who have changed hands more than any reasonable person can keep track of, customers ask the question; “who can I trust?”

Now there is an answer. A VPN that is RVP certified.


-Provide a complete list of company management, and ideally have this list easily found public somewhere on your website in an about page. 

-Illustrate a trustworthy and honest track record by not having major security vulnerabilities or history of logs kept, logs given away–or any incidences of prolonged obfuscation of said criteria (a VPN hiding that they had a security vulnerability for an extended length of time cannot by ANY means join this program for example). 

-Respect transparency, free speech, and not tolerate censorship of any kind.

-Not participate in black hat affiliate marketing, paid VPN reviews, CPA deals, or misleading marketing tactics such as limited time countdown timers. 

-Retain a minimum of website and mobile-based trackers. 

-Contain a strict no-log policy. 

Perks of the RVP Program:

-Members of the RVP program will be mentioned and recommended in key reputation-based VPN videos on Youtube.

-Awarded 5/5 for the reputation category, significantly boosting your VPN’s score up the tier list to get more potential customers. 

How to Become RVP Certified:

Get my attention on Twitter or Youtube.


This list was not made, or paid, or funded by any specific VPN or company, which means that for the first time, a consumer–and the consumers, are the ones deciding HOW to uphold VPNs to the standards THEY have. Unlike other paid trust initiatives or other plans meant to help VPN transparency, this website and certification on this list are completely free and unpaid from any VPN. By not requiring payment, any VPN that accepts the certification and community approval can join and become certified. This list does NOT require membership from any VPN. Privacy should not be a cost, it should be a RIGHT. Tom Spark and his community retain the right to add or remove any VPN to this list at any time or reason.

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