NordVPN, one of the most popular and well-known VPN brands is facing intense criticism after collaborating with a white nationalist Youtuber based in the United Kingdom.

NordVPN Sponsored Alt-right Youtuber

NordVPN recently sponsored Laura Towler, a far-right campaigner in England who’s efforts focus on stopping immigration while maintaining the purity of the “white British” population. Towler said in a recent video that her goal is to build a nationalist community in Britain. Towler’s content is not monetized on Youtube since it does not comply with guidelines. 

While the collaboration took place one month ago on June 14th, it’s only now that NordVPN has received backlash.

During the intense political situation of the world with ongoing protests in America with huge movements like Black Lives Matter, as well as COVID-19 ransacking economies and populations alike, perhaps it should be no surprise that people are upset.

NordVPN Users Upset with Company’s Sponsership Choices

Mike Stuchberry, a journalist on Twitter, recently posted a tweet about NordVPN’s relationship with the white nationalist–explaining that people might not be happy that the company is working with and paying Neo-Nazis.

The post attracted a huge number of likes with many people claiming that they were already canceling their NordVPN subscriptions. 

It was only a short time later that NordVPN responded to the criticisms claiming that it “was a one-off sponsorship, and our vetting process has since been improved. We do not endorse racism in any form, and the creator’s views do not reflect ours. We do not support hate speech or radical political views of any leaning,” it wrote.

To further explain the huge mess up, a NordVPN spokesperson told Newsweek: “A single video was sponsored through an agency a while back, having slipped through our background check.” 

2 weeks Later, NordVPN Hasn’t Removed Affiliation?

However despite the explanation, skeptics are unsure of NordVPN’s “enhanced” vetting process since the video was sponsored only just two weeks ago, and there has been no clarification on why Laura was sponsored in the first place or which “agency” they are referring to that solidified the partnership.

Not only that, but NordVPN has only officially commented on the situation after being called out publicly on Twitter. As of now, Laura still is promoting NordVPN in the video and still seems to be an active affiliate. NordVPN has not explained if her affiliation has been stripped or not. 

As of now, some two weeks after the video, NordVPN also has not formally apologized or made any public statement on their website or blog about the incident. 

NordVPN company frequently advertises itself on Youtube and has become one of the most recognizable brands Youtubers promote. The brand has high commissions offering 100% of the purchase price for the one month plan, which has made it an attractive product to advertise for. YouTubers can make up to $12 every time someone buys NordVPN, or even more for longer-term subscriptions that the website promotes. 

NordVPN has advertised and managed to buy out the most popular YouTubers including the likes of Pewdiepie and even others like PayMoneyWubby.

Just last year, NordVPN was subject to a huge hacking controversy after not disclosing a vulnerability to its customers for over a year. 

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