VPN Tier List FAQ

Q: Why trust Tom Spark for his VPN Reviews?

I have been reviewing VPNs since 2015, and I’ve always done it by myself. Lots of “VPN review” sites or YouTube channels are run by VPN companies or marketing companies just trying to make a quick buck. I’ve been doing it solo this entire time, which makes it easier for you to understand who is reviewing the VPN and how I form my opinions.

Q: How do you make money from your site and YouTube channel?

I make money through affiliations, which means when you click a link, I make a small cutback–usually between 20-30%. I don’t rate my VPNs based on this % though, which is different than other Youtubers and review sites. TorGuard and AirVPN are my top-rated VPNs for some time, and they have industry-low commission rates. 

Q: Why did you make the VPN tier list?

I decided that I loved the idea of tier lists, mostly taken from online games like League of Legends. It’s hard to sift through hundreds of my YouTube reviews, so this site serves as a bookmark-able resource to keep up to date with my current scores.

Not only that, but sometimes I need to adjust scores post video or upon important news but can’t make a brand new video, so this website and comparison table reflects the most accurate up to date scores–which is why some scores and rankings can differ from the videos. 

Q: I’ve seen some people say you work for VPN companies like TorGuard. Is that true?


Some shady and dishonest VPNs, as well as YouTube competitors, like to slander me or discredit my reviews by claiming that I work for VPN companies, but that is not true.

I am actually an affiliate for almost every VPN company out there, and have been so for around 5 years–but this does not mean I have a “special” relationship with any company at all. Not only that, but I don’t take sponsorships from any VPN company. It’s the perfect way for me to remain honest to make objective reviews. 

Q: How often do you update the VPN tier list?

Most VPNs don’t change that much from year to year, but if they do, I try to make a new review and update the score. I will also monitor the VPN and how I feel about it post-video and update scores accordingly. 

Q: Why did you start doing web host reviews?

The web host review industry is similarly corrupt as the VPN review industry. Most web host reviews on the internet are fake (in fact the biggest web host review site is owned by the same company as the biggest VPN review site), so I wanted to provide more honest critical content–like my VPN reviews, that I think people searching for the right web host provider will find useful. 

Q: How can I contact you?

Leave a comment on one of the tier lists.