Encrypted Email Tier List

(comparison table that show individual scores)

Tier 1 (God Tier): Private-Mail (4.62), Posteo (4.50), Mailbox.org (4.50), Tutanota (4.25), Mailfence (4.25)

Tier 2 (Strong Tier): Protonmail (3.37), Hushmail (3.25)

Tier 3 (Below Average):

Tier 4 (Weak Tier)

30 thoughts on “Email Tier List

  1. Tom I have seen more and more web sites saying if you are on a VPN, you don’t get access. I have always just deleted them-not interested. But it is starting to interfere with my access to things I want. Do you have any advice?

  2. hi tom john from australia my current test 5up 4down with present vpn time to change ?can i check up down speeds before purchase torgaurd

    • They have one for Android, and otherwise you can access within your browser I think. I haven’t been keeping up with it as much.

  3. Tested a few and ultimately settled for MailBox.org. When I first began using MailBox.org there were initially issues synching with Google calendar but all was resolved within a respectable delay.
    After a year of using their paid plan, I was satisfied with their service and I recently renewed for another year.
    The pricing is extremely competitive (lowest out there) and an App is also available for mobile devices.

  4. I was excited to sign up for Mailbox.org today and went to their website, but was greeted with this message: “Due to maintenance work, the registration of new accounts at mailbox.org is blocked for a few days. Please check back in a few days.” I’m not sure how to feel about this when it comes to trusting a company who stops operating certain features because of Maintenance work, I’ve never seen that done with any email carrier. Will this happen in the future that I won’t be able to access my email account (or photos, calendar, etc), because of maintenance? Why would they disable registration at all? Have you seen this before? Is it justifiable? Thanks!

  5. I think you should review criptext.com email also. Best secure email services provider and it is free. No cloud emails and no cloud backups. Everything encrypted and stays on your PC.

  6. Hello Tom,

    First off … Thank you for the unbiased reviews on VPN’s and love the YouTube vids. I took your advice and went with TorGuard ( streaming bundle ) for a month recently to get my feet wet with using VPN’s. I have a question hoping you can answer as TorGuard has not responded. I don’t have but a couple devices that I could use TorGuard on and it says I can use it on 8 connections /devices simultaneously. Is it ok to share my login credentials with a trusted family member or what do you suggest ?


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