Encrypted Email Tier List

(comparison table that show individual scores)

Tier 1 (God Tier): Private-Mail (4.62), Posteo (4.50), Mailbox.org (4.50), Tutanota (4.25), Mailfence (4.25)

Tier 2 (Strong Tier): Protonmail (3.37), Hushmail (3.25)

Tier 3 (Below Average):

Tier 4 (Weak Tier)

4 thoughts on “Email Tier List

  1. Tom I have seen more and more web sites saying if you are on a VPN, you don’t get access. I have always just deleted them-not interested. But it is starting to interfere with my access to things I want. Do you have any advice?

    • This can be a problem with more popular VPN providers. Sometimes you can use VPNs like TorGuard to buy a “dedicated IP” add-on which is not recognized as a VPN IP, so website won’t block it. Hope that helps!

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