Encrypted Email Tier List

(comparison table that show individual scores)

Tier 1 (God Tier): Private-Mail (4.62), Posteo (4.50), Mailbox.org (4.50), Tutanota (4.25), Mailfence (4.25)

Tier 2 (Strong Tier): Protonmail (3.37), Hushmail (3.25)

Tier 3 (Below Average):

Tier 4 (Weak Tier)

26 thoughts on “Email Tier List

  1. Tom I have seen more and more web sites saying if you are on a VPN, you don’t get access. I have always just deleted them-not interested. But it is starting to interfere with my access to things I want. Do you have any advice?

  2. hi tom john from australia my current test 5up 4down with present vpn time to change ?can i check up down speeds before purchase torgaurd

    • They have one for Android, and otherwise you can access within your browser I think. I haven’t been keeping up with it as much.

  3. Tested a few and ultimately settled for MailBox.org. When I first began using MailBox.org there were initially issues synching with Google calendar but all was resolved within a respectable delay.
    After a year of using their paid plan, I was satisfied with their service and I recently renewed for another year.
    The pricing is extremely competitive (lowest out there) and an App is also available for mobile devices.

  4. I was excited to sign up for Mailbox.org today and went to their website, but was greeted with this message: “Due to maintenance work, the registration of new accounts at mailbox.org is blocked for a few days. Please check back in a few days.” I’m not sure how to feel about this when it comes to trusting a company who stops operating certain features because of Maintenance work, I’ve never seen that done with any email carrier. Will this happen in the future that I won’t be able to access my email account (or photos, calendar, etc), because of maintenance? Why would they disable registration at all? Have you seen this before? Is it justifiable? Thanks!

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